RUFF 10 Live results and updates



August 24, 2013
Shanghai HongKou Stadium
Shanghai, China

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#10 – Wang Guan (Featherweight Champion) vs Sandro da Silva

Southpaw da Silva strike first, but the long hand of Wang Guan tags him too. da Silva again goes in, delivers a knee, gets out. da Silva demands a single, but Wang gets loose. If he’s fazed by the Brazilian’s new game, he’s not showing it. da Silva goes for a knee, slips onto his back and Wang Guan hammer fists clips him as he tries to stand, then follows him down with two rights that leave da Silva out cold.

Wang Guan defeats Sandro da Silva by KO, rd 1

#9 – Rodrigo Caporal (Lightweight Champion) vs Rasul Khairulaev

Rasul runs at Caporal, who is cautious and waits for a takedown, which he gets and mounts. Caporal slides him up to the cage and starts punching, but when Rasul’s big legs threaten from behind, he plays it closer. When he feels safe again, the Brazilian starts unloading. He pounds like this until the bell, playing a very smart game to not get reversed by those long powerful legs.

Round two and Rasul blasts Caporal three times! The Brazilian instictively dives for a TD but doesn’t get it. Then Caporal tags Rasul and he goes to his knees! Stopped to check Caporal’s nose. It restarts and Caporal rushes, gets a clinch or maybe even a front choke, and pushes the wrestler down, playing a nice reversal of themes. Caporal gets back to mount and starts his ground and pound again. Eventually he works Rasul’s head back away from the cage, possible for a sub, which the moment the Russian puts his arm straight up to defend, Caporal snags and goes for an arm triangle.

Round three, Rasul comes out stalking again, but Caporal seems a little more confident on his feet this time. Rasul clips him with a left and takes the advantage to push his head back until he can drop for a single. Again, he’s on top. This time, Caporal’s hunting for a submission. Rasul cannot divest himself of the Brazilian, who is playing a smart game against a strong opponent. Rasul breaks free momentarily, but Caporal is like glue and keeps side. Rasul gets his head, but Caporal gets free and mounts again. 30 seconds left, and he’s got to be wanting a finish!

Rodrigo Caporal defeats Rasul Khairulaev by Decision

#8 – Zhang Meixuan (Flyweight Champion) vs Zhao Ya Fei

We have two MMA fighters wearing Muay Thai shorts, and they attest to it by coming out with lightning kicks and fast punches. Slips and trips and on the ground, with Zhao on the bottom, trying to sub. Then Zhang plays the three-points-of-contact game so he can get to standing. Zhang starts landing lots of shots, too quick for Zhao to counter. Zhao gets one in and Zhang counters with a high kick. They both try for a KO until the bell.

Round two – striker’s war. They literally crash into each other and go down. Zhang tries for an arm bar. Zhao’s caught in guard and goes limp from a neck crank.

Zhang Meixuan defeats Zhao Ya Fei by Submission, neck crank, rd 2

#7 – Lu Zhenhong vs Hanjie

Han Jie’s walkout security is the tallest bald Chinese man I’ve ever seen. Nice sharp striking trading opens the bout. Lu scores a single but Han keeps a tight guard. They work it back to standing briefly , Lu scores another single leg. He grabs a guillotine, but Han throws him, crazy! Nice technical scrambles on the ground with guys looking to get it there and submit. So far, best fighters of the night. Back to standing, Lu gets a double and lands in Han’s half guard but works to mount. He tries for an armbar – what is with Chinese MMA fighters giving up good positions for arm bars? But he’s able to regain control of Han’s back and sink a choke, the bell ends it.

Second round and now it’s Han who is stalking, Lu shoots, putting Han on his back. Han’s not phased and tries for rubber guard, his head’s against the cage making it a little difficult. Lu starts landind shot after shot to his head, and some elbows, but its difficult to see if they are damaging him. Han continues to hunt from the bottom, then Lu returns with more harsh elbows that definitely cause some pain. Lu gets to side, then north/south, then back to side and lands knees to Han’s ribs, unanswered. Han looks pained enough to turtle, Lu takes his back and tried to choke. Han defends until the bell.

Round three quickly becomes all Lu’s. He shoots, tripping Han down, gets mount and hammers on him. Han give up his back and Lu takes it, beating on him some more until it looks like Han taps the canvas in submission.

Lu Zhenhong vs Hanjie by Submission due to strikes, rd 3

#6 – Wu Hoatian vs Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuult

Wo engages slowly. Amartu tries to shuffle off the punches and Wu gets his back standing. He’s much taller and tries to suplex Amartu. It seems to be his game plan to manhandle Amartu, but the smaller fighter has amazing balance and lands in a position to get a knee bar twice. Wu’s missed triangle lets Amartu out and quickly reverse to his back, locking on a body triangle. The rounds ends with Amartu still in top control and looking for a finish.

Wo lands a nice right, and Amartu lands a surprise spinning back kick. Amartu senses blood and Wu goes down, leaving the Mongolian to get mount with an arm trapped and slam rights into Wu’s skull until the ref peels him off.

Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuult defeats Wu Hoatian by TKO, rd 2


#5 – Amu Rijirigala vs Liu Xiaoyang

They come out like two spiders on a hotplate! Amu catches Liu right on the chin and he crumples! Amu wastes no time jumping on him and chokes him from the back.

Amu Rijirigala defeats Liu Xiaoyang by Submission, RNC, rd 1

OFF – Zhou Yafei vs Ning Guangyou * Bout cancelled due to Zhou’s injury in training

#4 – Jiang Zhouwen vs Gao Yuan

Jiang looks like a little pit bull. He seems to think he’s Anderson Silva, throwing a big looping right, dancing out, and dropping his hands. Gao fails a takedown, Jiang sprawls and gets a strong side control. Gao gets half guard but can’t handle Jiang’s onslaught. He momentarily escapes but a crafty Jiang works back to side control and smashed him while looking for a sub. On top, Jiang lands a knee that hits the back of Gao’s neck and the ref pulls him off. He’s allowed to continue…

Round two? Gao manages to get it down, Jiang reverses and knees him in the head. It’s called because of an illegal technique?

Gao Yuan defeats Jiang Zhouwen by Illegal Move (?)

#3 – Li Jixiang vs Ganbayar Tumurkhuyag

Ganbayar saunters out like he’s entering the club. This is a large fellow. Li is an even bigger big man! Ganbayar is in the offence and brings everything to Li, including some nice knees in the clinch. Then Li gets his pace and lands a nice 1-2 combo that snaps back Ganbayar’s head. This situation repeats over and over as Li turns the tide. Ganbayar is forced to punch from outside. I missed how Li ends on the ground, but Ganbayar can’t capitalize on it.

Round two opens with the two taking the center of the cage then clinching, Ganbayar lands knees, Song separates and starts landing jabs through Ganbayar’s nonexistent guard. Again on his back, and now Ganbayar uses his kicks to the legs until Li gets up. Ganbayar’s nose is bloodies. He’s flat footed and tired but latches on to Li and drags him down, managing to get to side control quickly. Li hangs on to his head, so Ganbayar throws nice short elbows until he gets back mount, but Li throws him off and attacks with a vengeance. Ganbayar swings for the fences.

Round three and these two have the same game plans from the beginning. Li wants to KO, Ganbayar wants to get it down. It’s a laborious round, and the two slug it out until the end.

Li Jixiang defeats Ganbayar Tumurkhuyag by Decision

#2 – Wulakibieke Baheibieke vs Song Yadong

Song comes out to rap in a BadBoy shirt, very western-feel this event. “Little Bieke” swaggers to the check spot. Bieke bounces and dives for a leg. He doesn’t get it. But then the throws a right that staggers Song, and he throws a knee to his face as he’s down! Son’g survives, but Bieke suplexes him! Then Bieke gets a guillotine and tosses Song backwards! Song STILL survives and gets back to standing and then he lands his own right to stagger Bieke! After that tag, Beike’s much more cautious, dancing away and throwing wild punches from outside. Song starts an assault on Bieke who crumples and grabs a leg to save himself. He recovers enough to get into Song’s guard but isn’t able to do anything before the first bell.

Round two and Bieke’s spent. Song looks fresh and is hunting for a KO. In a clash it goes down and Song’s able to tie up an arm and eventually work to back mount. Opting for a clumsy arm bar, he goes face down and Bieke’s out. Song works back to be in Bieke’s guard, then sits back and opts for a leg. Very strange game plan here. He can’t get the sub and Bieke has no energy to even get out of it. They stand, Beike has the back, and Song goes for a kimura and takedown, keeping the arm to the bell but can’t lock it.

A third and final round and it’s amazing that Bieke’s still standing. Song leg kicks and buckles him, then snaps his chin around. Again Bieke drops for a single and Song wants to kick his head but stops, So apparently knees to a downed opponent are OK but kicks aren’t? Bieke manages to get it down and all he can do is lay. Song works to kick him off or triangle him, then opts to punch him. Song gets a kimura! He flips Bieke over, and Bieke gets out. Back to standing. Bieke easily gets a slow motion double leg to land in half guard. Slow motion suplex and a trading of top control ends a strangge fight.

Song Yadong defeats Wulakibieke Baheibieke by Decision

#1 – Bao YinNa vs Yang JianBing

Bao in the red trunks enters to some hardcore. Yang gets a full-on rapper’s entrance complete with guards that dwarf him. He’s got some lime shorts reminiscent of Bruce Lee. A tentative flurry from both fighters. A clench game ensues and it’s Bao with two throws, working in and out of Yang’s closed guard. He looks to pound, but Yang keeps using his legs and arms to tie him up. Finally Yang throws a leg over Bao’s head, turns face down, and gets the tap to an armbar. It takes longer than the match for Yang to get his hand finally raised.

Yang JianBing defeats Bao YinNa by Submission, armbar, rd 1


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