RUFF 11: All matches on target, all eyes on Wang vs Magomedov



RUFF 11 goes full steam ahead with eleven matches at the Hongkou Indoor Stadium in Shanghai, China. This card sees the introduction of several Russians, including top prospect Bekbulat Magomedov who will face RUFF Featherweight Champion Wang Guan.

Two fighters did not make weight, Wulalibieke Baheibieke and Sandro da Silva, but negotiations kept the fights in order and going forward.

RUFF CEO Joel Resnick previously stated the China-based promotion’s intentions to open up to foreign fighters and heavier weight classes. The first season yielded three out of five National Champions of Chinese ethnicity, and the next will potentially make room for more in the government-supported organization. Currently Russians are being targeted for this expansion. Bekbulat Magomedov, recently garnering international speculation surrounding a potential UFC contract, will make his entrance against the Featherweight Champion, Wang Guan. Iftikhor Arbobov is the second on this card, and he will face Lightweight Champ Rodrigo Caporal.

While Magomedov’s undefeated 11-run record is impressive, it is his submission choke of Vugar Bakhshiev in M-1 earlier in the year put him on the map. He followed it up by submitting journeyman Gabriel Solorio then rounded out the year in the Ukraine. The sambo specialist now gets a submission master in front of him in what will be a true test for both athletes. Wang Guan has heavy hands that are backed up by agile footwork, patience, and timing. He is uncanny in his ability to read a fight, and a rare tactician for a Chinese fighter. This should be a very interesting fight from two top talents who are both finishers and intelligent fighters, and being truly tested with international ramifications. Incidentally, Alexey Oleinik, Magomedov’s teammate, just signed to the UFC and believes his younger partner will be headed there in the future.

Arborov has fought primarily in the Ukraine and his recent run of wins has been against a much lesser field of opponents than he now faces in Lightweight Champ Caporal. Arborov has steamrolled just as has Caporal, and both are quick, crafty and incredibly strong. This fight will be a mix up on the ground and probably to fast-paced to narrate.

Bantamweight Champ Zhang Meixuan takes on Amu Rijirigala in a rematch a year in the making. The first time was a cautious affair that saw little damage until Zhang almost ripped off Amu’s foot. Amu is a ground and pound guy and will definitely have learned from the mistake he made in that fight. As the usual aggressor, he’ll be gunning for Zhang. However, Zhang got past him and every tong else to claim the title, and has put up numerous knock-down drag-out appearances to cement himself at the top of the rankings.

The card gets even more international as Brazilian Sandro da Silva takes on Mongolian Baasankhuu Damlanpurev, Mongolian Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu faces Kazakhstani Kuat Khamitav, and Wu Haotian welcomes journeyman Tom Woodfin representing the Philippines.

RUFF 11 will be live streamed beginning at 6:30PM China Time and directions on the portals you can watch can be found on their website here.

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November 30, 2013
Hongkou Indoor Stadium
Shanghai, China

#11 -66kg
Bekbulat Magomedov (11-0) vs. Wang Guan (11-0-1)

#10 – 57kg
Amu Rijirigala (7-2) vs. Zhang Meixuan (6-1)

#9 – 70kg
Iftikhor Arbobov (10-1) vs. Rodrigo Caporal (10-4)

#8 – 61kg
Cui Liucai (3-3) vs. Lu Zhenhong (4-1)

#7 – 61kg
Zhao Yafei (1-2) vs. Han Jie (0-3)

#6 – 61kg
Sandro Da Silva (3-3) vs. Baasankhuu Damlanpurev (1-0)

#5 – 61kg
Alateng Heili (0-0) vs. Song Yadong (1-0)

#4 – 70kg
Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu (1-1) vs Kuat Khamitav (5-3)

#3 – 70kg
Wu Haotian (12-5-1) vs. Tom Woodfin (2-1)

#2 – 57kg
Shang Zhifa (3-3) vs. Liu Xiaoyang (0-1)

#1 – 57kg
Yang Jianbing (1-0) vs. Wulalibieke Baheibieke (0-1)