RUFF 11 updates and live results



November 30, 2013
Hongkou Indoor Stadium
Shanghai, China

#11 -66kg
Bekbulat Magomedov (11-0) vs. Wang Guan (11-0-1)

Bekbulat Magomedov defeats Wang Guan by Unanimous decision.

#10 – 57kg
Amu Rijirigala (7-2) vs. Zhang Meixuan (6-1)

Amu Rijirigala defeats Zhang Meixuan by Submission, rd 2, 3:30

#9 – 70kg
Iftikhor Arbobov (10-1) vs. Rodrigo Caporal (10-4)

Rodrigo Caporal defeats Iftikhor Arbobov by doctor stoppage, rd 1, 5:00

#8 – 61kg
Cui Liucai (3-3) vs. Lu Zhenhong (4-1)

Lu Zhenhong defeats Cui Liucai by UD

#7 – 61kg
Zhao Yafei (1-2) vs. Han Jie (0-3)

Zhao Yafei defeats Han Jie by Submission, armbar, rd 2, 3:04

#6 – 61kg
Sandro Da Silva (3-3) vs. Baasankhuu Damlanpurev (1-0)

Baasankhuu Damlanpurev defeats Sandro Da Silva by UD

#5 – 61kg
Alateng Heili (0-0) vs. Song Yadong (1-0)

Song Yadong defeats Alateng Heili by UD

#4 – 70kg
Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu (1-1) vs Kuat Khamitav (5-3)

First round scrambling and wild striking. Second round more scrambling.

Kuat by tko rd 2.

Kuat Khamitav defeats Amartuvshin Khuukhenkhuu by UD

#3 – 70kg
Wu Haotian (12-5-1) vs. Tom Woodfin (2-1)

Tom has some nnice defences and grappling but its Wu all the way until the tap to rnc.

Wu Haotian Tom Woodfin by submission, RNC, rd 1, 3:20

#2 – 57kg
Shang Zhifa (3-3) vs. Liu Xiaoyang

Shang defeats Liu by tko rd 2. I think. Same pants same size loud crowd!

Shang Zhifa defeats Liu Xiaoyang by TKO, rd 2, 1:35

#1 – 57kg
Yang Jianbing (1-0) vs. Wulalibieke Baheibieke (0-1)

Bieke hits the td. Yang scrambles out and gets a knee to his face. Bieke td and Yang grabs guard and gets slammed for it. Yang spends the rest of the time on his back fighting off ground and pound. Beike wrecks his face.

Round 2. Bieke dominates. Aftrr smashing Yang for a whole round, he tries a head kick while Yang is getting up.

No Contest – Illegal Soccer kick