November 3, 2012
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

Yuan ChunBo, Sub of the Night, 5,000RMB

Ah Ting came out with his trademark knees, but after that, it was all Caporal’s game. He repeatedly took the Thai down to the ground, to his world, and world sub after sub attempt and ground and pound. Ah Ting is a seasoned fight vet, and he lasted through many, but in the end could not escape the crush of the Atos black belt.
Rodrigo Caporal defeats Arthit Hanchana by submission, rd 3

11 Pingyuan Liu vs Zhifa Shang
For two rounds, Shang seems to have control but Liu’s takedowns win him the decision.
Pingyuan Liu defeats Zhifa Shang by decision

10 Chengjie Wu vs Eridemutu Zhao
Chengjie Wu defeats Eridemutu Zhao

9 Tuerxun Jumabieke vs Yongqiang Zhang
Tuerxun Jumabieke defeats Yongqiang Zhang

8 Guobin Xue vs Irshaad Sayed
Irshaad Sayed defeats Guobin Xue by KO, rd 1

7 Rijirigala Amu vs Meixuan Zhang
Meixuan Zhang defeats Amu Rijirigala by injury, ankle lock, rd 1

6 Chunbo Yuan vs Sandro da Silva
da Silva controlled the first round but in the second, Yuan ended up with an ankle lock and worked hard to keep it, eventually getting the black belt to tap.
Chunbo Yuan defeated Sandro da Silva by submission, , rd 1

5 Lianjie Liu vs Jumayi Ayideng

4 Handong Kong vs Jonathan Paulson
Kong delivers a big right that floors Paulson. He survives to get side control of Kong, and when it’s back to standing, the much taller Paulson knees Kong in the groin full on and he can’t continue.
No Contest

3 Juncheng Wen vs Junfeng Zheng

2 Liang Yang vs Liucai Cui (China Top Team)

1 Zhenhong Lu vs Yinna Bao
Bao YinNo defeats Zhenhong Lu

Kong floors Paulson
daSilva controls Yuan
Yuan footlocks daSilva
Zhang cranks Rijirigala’s ankle
Wu subs Zhao
…then does ‘that’ dance.
Liu dumps Shang
Liu defeats Shang by decision
Caporal pounds on Hanchana
Hanchana taps to Caporal


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