RUFF in China announces 2013 broadcast numbers, 2 new TV shows for 2014


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The Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation of China has released 2013 event viewership numbers across broadcast mediums that are in the millions. RUFF will add more satellite deals across China and new television shows as it grows in 2014.

RUFF has taken many of the most notable Chinese MMA fighters and given them a platform to ply their trade. They have also brought along the new generation of Chinese fighters who strictly train MMA and helped them gain experience to progress. With a TV deal and streaming right out of the box, along with government backing, RUFF became widely recognized in China as a stable and trustworthy promotion.

The numbers RUFF has released for viewership across the last 50% of their events to date have tallied in the millions. RUFF 11 logged in a million live watchers on internet portals alone. As RUFF steps up the roster by adding international talent in 2014, it will be interesting to watch how the visibility of the China-based promotion increases across the globe.

Press release:

China’s MMA Powerhouse RUFF has been putting on MMA events in Mainland China for just over two years. It has hit many major milestones and had shown a tremendous growth in fan base. The very first event, RUFF Genesis was held in Shanghai on August 27th 2011. It had received a total of 250,000 views on TV. Since then, RUFF has continued to do what was promised by building the athletes through many different media platforms. The results were shown in its viewership numbers. RUFF6, 7 and 8 received an average of 6.5 million views per event. Backing those events was a 10-episode reality show: RUFF Journey, which averaged 3 million views per episode. The most recent card, RUFF11 has already received over 1 million views through live streaming on Internet portals alone, with TV numbers yet to be collected.

Watch for exciting news early in the new year with regards to national satellite deals and 2 new television shows. With RUFF being the only central government sanctioned MMA sports league in the nation, it will continue to grow MMA and its athletes in the home of martial arts, China!

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