RUFF rumbles to life March 5th Qinghai TV rebroadcast

RUFF China MMA on Qinghai TV
RUFF China MMA on Qinghai TV


After six months of inactivity, RUFF is showing signs of life with China satellite broadcaster Qinghai TV.


To begin a broadcast partnership, the initial launch will take place on March 5, 2015. So far, four bouts of the RUFF staples have been announced to be aired on the kickoff.

Top China flyweights Liu Pingyuan and Zhang Meixuan will be showcase in one of their trifecta of clashes. Warhorse Jiang Longyun’s fateful meet with standout Jumabieke Tuerxun will be shown. Wang Guan’s knock down drag out affair with creepy Yuan Chunbo is set for replay. Zhao Zilong’s epic armlock of Li Jixiang will also be aired.

Qinghai TV will broadcast these fights from March 5 to March 8 at 12:50.

RUFF’s website now has a brief teaser for RUFF 14. ┬áMore announcements will be coming soon.