Jumabieke Tuerxun

Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation, RUFF, is set to hold its culmination of seven events with a Super Fight on February 2, 2013 in Hohhot, China. There will be millions of RMB up for grabs to the winners, as well as the first ever prestigious China National Champion Title. One of the anticipated matches on the card was set as young up and comer superior Thai boxer Irshaad Sayed versus a staple of the China MMA scene, Jumabieke Tuerxun. The match would be the third for both fighters, with Bieke triumphing each time and handing Sayed the only two losses of his career.

Announced via the official RUFF Weibo account the morning of January 29, 2013, “Bieke” will now be replaced by Yuan ChunBo against Sayed for the million and the title:

@RUFF锐武终极格斗 : #百万争霸#还有一周就要和大家见面!@MMA袁春波 将要代替 @MMA居马别克 出征对战强大的伊沙赛义德。面对减重、临时研究对手技战术水平等等压力,袁春波将用勇气和信心来印证自己的实力。全新的百万争霸对阵表,让我们拭目以待这场大戏!

@MMA袁春波 (Yuan Chunbo) will replace @MMA居马别克 Jumaieke going against powerful Irshaad Sayed.

Bieke is 14-0 in his MMA career, completely in China organizations. He was a fixture on the first RUFF event, and eventually transitioned to Legend FC where he claimed the Bantamweight Championship from Yao HongGang. Bieke then relinquished the belt for a chance to rematch Sayed at RUFF and gain a shot at the one million and national title. As he already passed over opportunities that most Chinese fighters would not, it remains to be seen what is on the immediate horizon for this Chinese superstar from Xi’an Sports University.


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