A new international MMA organization has been announced which is set to follow a league format and feature national teams competition. The World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts will hold its first event in Connecticut, US on September 15th and will feature Team China versus Team USA and Team Portugal versus Team USA. Team USA id headed by Ricardo Liborio. Team China athletes are the well-known Wang Sai, previous Legend FC Bantamweight contender Yao HongGang, and Yang JiangPing – who is no stranger to international team competition.

The WCMMA’s World Rules Council is comprised of “The Grapplers and the Strikers”, notables Dan Severn, Fransisco Mansor, Don Wilson and Bill Wallace. The MCMMA will be unifying with the organization WMMA, which is owned by Seven Stars Entertainment, the Chinese entity previously bidding on the purchase of K-1. The following is the official press release.

First China Vs USA MMA Super Fight At Foxwoods MGM Grand on Sept 15th

Ledyard, CT – 8/2/2012 – The World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts (WCMMA™) and The World Mixed Martial Arts Championship (WMMAC) announced today that Foxwoods Resort Casinos’ MGM Grand Theater will be hosting the first Chinese mixed martial arts team to fight in the US as part of a Super Fight Series on September 15, 2012. The Chinese will face three top American MMA Athletes in their respective weight divisions for world titles. These bouts will be a unification for the WCMMA and the WMMAC world titles.

“China’s culture is rich in combat sports, and we realize there are many great athletes there that are still undiscovered” stated Ed Catucci, Director of the WCMMA. “The Chinese are quality fighters”. “We are excited for this historic opportunity to bring these two competing nations into a Super Fight series against one another for the first time.” added Fred Milstein, CEO of the Beijing based WMMAC and its parent company Seven Stars Entertainment.

Representing the Chinese in the Super Fights will be their MMA sensation Yang “The DRAGON” Jianping, Middleweight Wang “The BOSS” Sai, and Featherweight Yao “The MASTER” Honggang. All three are national champions with extensive backgrounds in both striking and grappling. The Americans who will be facing the Chinese will be announced in the coming days.

The first ever World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts™ will be held at Foxwoods Resort Casino’s MGM Grand Theater on September 15 as Team Portugal challenges Team USA, and Team China challenges Team USA in a Superfight series for three world titles in the Middle Wt., Light Wt., and Featherweight divisions.Also that same evening the WCMMA and the WMMAC will be unifying the Heavyweight World Title as Russian National Sambo Champion Alexey Oleinik will be facing two time FILA Grappling World Champion, Kelly Anundson of the United States.

About World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts™

The WCMMA™ is an international team orientated mixed martial arts organization that produces nation vs nation mixed martial art competition, along with individual title matches. The WCMMA™ every four years holds MMA’s very own World Cup Championships, the highest honor in team sports. An invitation to this prestigious event is based on national teams who are successful in qualifying for the honor. National teams qualify by accumulating enough points in international World Cup competition over a four year cycle as they face other national teams.
In addition to producing events the WCMMA™ sets itself apart from many other organization. The WCMMA™ also sanctions events and helps assist qualified independent promoters in their efforts of growing the sport. The WCMMA™ also offers exclusive WCMMA™ franchises to respective nations competing within the circuit, and assist them on building their respective franchise through licensing, television, merchandising, and talent acquistion. The WCMMA™ is headquartered in Rome, Italy, and with offices in Boca Raton, Florida, and Bronx, New York.

About the WMMAC

Based in Beijing, the WMMAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Stars Entertainment and co-organizes events with many fighting leagues all over the world. It sponsors the “Champion of Champions” series of fights.



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