TOP FC 11 Play By Play and Results: So Jae-Hyun vs Xie Junpeng

TOP FC 11 - So Jae-Hyun and Xie Junpeng Courtesy of TOP FC
TOP FC 11 – So Jae-Hyun and Xie Junpeng Courtesy of TOP FC

On May 22nd, 2016, TOP FC 11 is going down at Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. Top Fighting Championship has invited fighters from the Kunlun Fight organization for an event that exudes potential. As part of the main card, Korean grappler So Jae-Hyun (8-13 Overall, 0-0 TOP FC) will take on mysterious Xie Junpeng (1-0-1 Overall, 0-0 TOP FC) in a bantamweight match.

TOP FC 11: TOP Fighting Championship vs Kunlun Fight
May 22nd, 2016
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Bantamweight Match (-61kg/-135lb)

So Jae-Hyun vs Xie Junpeng

Round 1 – They exchange and Xie falls. So pulls guard. Their legs get tangled up and both are trying to figure out what to do. So looks to snatch on a leglock but the position is not there. They move around and So ends up in deep half guard. He sweeps from that position and remains on top for the rest of the round with a little pounding.

Round 2 – Xie immediately lands a takedown. So throws up a triangle and then moves to an omoplata but both are too loose and Xie gets out. So sweeps Xie a few times and tries for a few submissions but none are tight enough. Xie finally sweeps So and lands in side control however So reverses while Xie was relaxing. He stays there for the remaining time.

Round 3 – They begin by exchanging and Xie is landing more. On one of the haymakers So slips under and times a good takedown. So is staying strong on top but little damage being done. So gives Xie a little space and pushes away. Xie gets up and gets the double leg takedown. The round ends with Xie on top.

Result: So Jae-Hyun wins by Unanimous Decision (30-28, 30-29-30-27)