TUF CHINA Episode 3 – Ning GuangYou delivers the first KO over Shi Liang, Ben Henderson pops in the gym

TUF China
TUF China

On December 21, 2013 UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter: China reality show Episode 3 aired on Liaoning TV. Team Dragons’ Ning GuangYou faced and defeated Team Lions’ Shi Liang by KO.

Ning Guangyou, a well-versed first-generation veteran of MMA fighters in China, was Coach Zhang TieQuan’s first pick of the featherweights and his first one to fight. Ning faced Ao Hailin’s last featherweight pick, Shi Liang. It was a strategy to knock off the lower tier of Team Lions to get as many of their top guys in the next bracket.

Ning has been a full-time fighter for much of his life, while Shi is a Cornell grad practicing law. The story line here, of course, is the kid in the trenches meets an upper class dabbler and smashes him. Which indeed turned out to be the case, if a little later than Ning would have liked. Shi had no answer for Ning’s stand up throughout the first, though he laid into him with kicks. After the bell for round two, the frustrated Shi refused to touch gloves. Midway through the round Ning made him pay for his petulance. TUF China saw its first KO of the season courtesy of Ning GuangYou’s beautiful overhand left.

Ning’s team celebrated the finish in hysterical style, yet Coach Zhang was quick to point out flaws in his game. Shi’s Coach Ao encouraged his fallen fighter not to give up hope.

The house got a treat when Ben Henderson stayed on to personally deliver an MMA clinic in the TUF gym.

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TUF China Tally

Ao Hailin, Head Coach
An Hui, Thai Boxing Coach
Marco, Grappling Coach
1 – Yang Jianping, Featherweight
2 – Lee Junhan, Featherweight
3 – Chong Allen Solomon, Featherweight
4 – Shih Liang, Featherweight (0-1)
1 – Wang Sai, Welterweight
2 – Wang Anying, Welterweight
3 – Zhu Qingxiang, Welterweight (0-1)
4 – Dong Xin, Welterweight

Zhang TieQuan, Head Coach
Flavio Bueno, Grappling Coach
Bao LiGao, Striking Coach
Vince Soberano, Thai Boxing Coach
1 – Ning Guangyou, Featherweight (1-0)
2 – Fu Changxin, Featherweight
3 – Yao Zhikui, Featherweight
4 – He Jianwei, Featherweight
1 – Zhang Lipeng, Welterweight (1-0)
2 – Cheng Albert, Welterweight
3 – Wu Qize, Welterweight
4 – Li Jinying, Welterweight – Quit Episode 2
Reserve – Fu JiYi, Welterweight

#1 – Welterweight – Team Dragons pick
Zhang Lipeng defeats Zhu Qingxiang by Submission, strikes, rd 1.

#2 – Featherweight –
Ning GuangYou defeats Shih Liang by KO, rd 2, 2:44

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