UFC announces TUF China



Thanks to our good friends at IJudgeFights.com based in Shanghai, news from the source gets immediately disseminated. This morning they caught the UFC China’s Weibo announcement that a new series of The Ultimate Fighter reality show will be cast and held in China. As the show will be broadcast on LiaoNing TV and Mandarin speakers are requested, it remains to be learned if this TUF series will be seen outside of China.

Chinese athletes are encouraged to try out. Here’s the IjudgeFights announcement and translation of the Weibo statement:

Today via the @UFC Weibo account came the announcement of the The Ultimate Fighter China reality show. Considered the home of martial arts and with a 1.3 billion person population there is a lot of room for the sport to grow in the mainland. The key has always been to find a Chinese fighter able to compete at the highest level and win to excite Chinese nationalism in way that would bring instance acceptance of MMA in the middle kingdom. The Ultimate Fighter China will be broadcast on LioaNing TV. The tryouts will be held in Macau. The tryouts will be open to fighters of Chinese blood/descent who can also speak the language. To register go here sports.sohu.com/tuf2013

Original Text below:

想和世界级的格斗教练训练吗?想成为下一个UFC巨星吗?想获得一份6位数美金的合同吗? UFC已将它享誉全球的体育真人秀节目《终极斗士》带到中国http://t.cn/zHk1Jih 。由@辽宁广播电视台制作,@澳门威尼斯人 @滨海湾金沙 特约赞助,@黄健翔 坐镇,@辽宁卫视 下半年播出。报名请登陆http://t.cn/zHkdUJ6


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