UFC FN 48 play by play: #10 Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping

UFC FN 48 Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping
UFC FN 48 Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping

UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs Le”
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

Live on UFC FightPass at http://www.ufc.tv/page/fightpass

All results and play by plays here.

#10 – Middleweight
Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping

Cung coems in with a kick and dives in with a left that misses. This is like bouncing tops off each other, clashes left and right. Cung misses a spinning backlist. Cung with a huge body punch! Bisping with a spinning back kick. Cung coming in with kicks and avoiding Bisping’s counters nicely. Clash of shins. Bisping now active with short combos. Cung looks a little off, flinching? Bisping mixing up the kicks and Cung dodging the high ones.

Round 2. Bisping comes out hot with combos. Cung lands a kick. Low kick and Cung eats a finger in the eye, now closing it and skirting away from Bisping’s combos. Cung’s face is opened up, multiple cuts and his nose maybe? Doc checks, lets it continue, now Bisping is on the hunt. Cung lands some kicks, Bisping fires back with a head kick. Accidental jumping back kick from Cung lands below the belt, time stop. Cung with the axe kick! Doesn’t land though. Bisping playing with Cung at the end of the round.

Round 3. Bisping mixing up the punches and kicks, lands a nice right. Cung fires back and lands one! And a side kick. Bisping stalking and looking for the openings, tagging Cung’s ears. Heavy punches. Cung with a spinning heel kick. Bisping always lets Cung off the cage, and Cung gets one in because of it. Cung is bloody and mouth gaping, but defending the worst of it, sporadically poking one down the chute. Bisping goes in and goes high and low with a beautiful barrage!!

Round 4. Cung’s eye closed and mouth open. Bisping goes in for the kill with head-body-head-body. And a knee that puts Cung finally down and out.

Michael Bisping defeats Cung Le by TKO, rd 4, :57