UFC FN 48 play by play: #2 Royston Wee vs. Zhikui Yao

UFC FN 48 Royston Wee vs. Zhikui Yao
UFC FN 48 Royston Wee vs. Zhikui Yao

UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs Le”
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

Live on UFC FightPass at http://www.ufc.tv/page/fightpass

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#2 – Bantamweight
Royston Wee vs. Zhikui Yao

Royston throws the first kick, Yao assaults him with punches but Wee stay in it. A scramble and they end on the ground. Wee intelligently and quickly works to take the back, secures hooks, works for a RNC. Wee really works for it. Finally at 2 minutes Yao turns into him and get top position but Wee positions back around to recover guard. Yao tries to throw some ground and pound but Wee keeps him tied up.

Round 2. Accidental groin kick to Yao. Yau lands a left hook, follows with a combo. A right rocks Wee and two more smash him into the cage. Wee scoots away. We weathers another barrage from Yao and lands his own elbow but his nose is cracked open and he almost goes down. Yao decides to follow him, loses the scramble and Wee gets his back again. Yao throws punches back over his head. Wee works some of his own. Wee has one hook in and tries to force Yao out of his seated defense. Wee throws elbows, forcing Yao to turn into him and Wee gets top position in half guard. Yao tries to sit out but Wee keeps him down and peppers him with short punches.

Round 3. Wee’s nose looks broken. He stands right in front of Yao. When Yao comes him with his one two again Wee plans for it and shoots. Yao almost stuffs it, Wee works doggedly for a single leg and keeps Yao against the cage. Yao punches but Wee doesn’t let go. An Wee gets it! He takes the back but slides off the top and Yao get back inside guard again with a few punches that land before Wee ties him up. We tries for a triangle and Yao punches him hard, Wee stays diligently defending until the bell.

Royston Wee defeats Zhikui Yao by Split Decision, 29-28, 27-30, 29-28