UFC FN 48 play by play: #6 Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai


UFC FN 48 Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai

UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs Le”
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

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All results and play by plays here.

#6 – Welterweight
Danny Mitchell vs. Wang Sai

Mitchell throws some punches to test and Wang Sai follows up with nice side kicks. Mitchell with a huge shoot and Wang Sai defends it, ends pinned against the cage. Mitchell keeps looking for takedowns while Wang Sai keeps ahold of his neck and sprawls. Mitchell falls back and throws on rubber guard. Wang Sai pops out, pounds. Mitchell tries to push away from butterfly, but Wang Sai won’t let him. Wang Sai stands and lands some big punches down, elbows too. Wang Sai dives back into guard, Mitchell immediately goes with the rubber guard. Wang Sai pops out again, rains elbows.

Round 2. Wang Sai counters with a combo, kside kick. Mitchell kicks, fakes, and takes a standing guillotine. Wang Sai waits it out. Mitchell shoots, Wang Sai with knees, gets undercooks back, pins on the fence, lands a short elbow. Both want the inside, nice trade of close strikes! Mitchell decides for a drag down that fails, Wang Sai kicks his legs. Nice knee to the body by Wang Sai.Mitchell eats a right on the way in! Wang Sai eats a low kick on the way in! Mitchell with a combo to set up a shoot, Wang Sai stuffs it and is pinned against the cage again. Ref resets. Mitchell with a low kick, Wang Sai counters with a right that lands big. Mitchell spinning back kick, not much on it. Taunts and boxing end the round.

Round 3. Mitchell comes out with his low kicks. Wang Sai goes back to his long punches but when Mitchell comes in for the clinch he turns on the elbows and knees! High slapping kick from Mitchell makes them both grin. Wang Sai goofs off then lands two down the chute. He’s landing so many clean shots but Mitchell takes them all. Wang Sai extremely busy in the clinch and his recent hard work shows. Wang Sai looks exhausted but really keeps up the pace. He swings wide and stumbles and Mitchell comes in with a flying knee which Wang Sai grabs and dumps him down. Mitchell lands a trip at the bell.

Wang Sai defeats Danny Mitchell by Unanimous Decision, 29-28 all