UFC FN 48 play by play: #7 Jianping Yang vs. Guangyou Ning

UFC FN 48  Jianping Yang vs. Guangyou Ning
UFC FN 48 Jianping Yang vs. Guangyou Ning

UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs Le”
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

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All results and play by plays here.

#7 – TUF Featherweight Finale
Jianping Yang vs. Guangyou Ning

Yang bouncy but Ning goes in with punches. Brief scramble on the ground. Yang tries for a trip and Ning muscled him over to end in guard. Yang tries to get a position to sweep, Ning breaks out of the guard but goes back in. They work back to standing. Ning with an overhand right. The two then bounce around like spiders on a hotplate, until a clash brings Ning’s fist into Yang’s face. Head butt and Ning’s brow swells. Clinch and Ning throws up knees, Yang returns. Ning keeps up the attack, flying knee lands. Ning with a nice body kick to end the round.

Round 2. Yang stays on the outside. Lands some low kicks without much on them. Ning with the double leg. Yang tries to push him out of guard. Ning pressures his way back in. Ning briefly swept and counters with a guillotine, jumping guard! Yang powers out, and they stand. Ning stalks, Yang picks up the leg kicks. Yang shoots, Ning sprawls. Ning can’t find his distance inside and Yang keeps up with the leg darting kicks. Round ends with some flurries, but overall both don’t engage enough.

Round 3. Still hesitant from both, nobody willing to commit. Yang is point scoring with low kicks. The crowd boos. Tons of energy to hop around but no engagement. Last minute and the crowd is completely out of it.

Guangyou Ning defeats Jianping Yang by Unanimous Decision 29-28 all