UFC FN 48 play by play: #8 Lipeng Zhang vs. Brendan O’Reilly


ufcfc48_weighins_89UFC Fight Night 48: “Bisping vs Le”
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

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All results and play by plays here.

#8 – Lightweight
Lipeng Zhang vs. Brendan O’Reilly

Zhang takes the center of the cage. OReilly with big long punches. O’Reilly clinches against the fence looking for a trip or throw, undertook but Zhang has whizzer. Whizzer keeps Zhang on top when it goes down, and O’Reilly gets half guard. Zhang tries to pass and O’Reilly now uses a whizzer to defend it. O’Reilly sweeps to top. Zhang with butterfly guard looking to push off. O’Reilly stands out, lands a few punches, falls back inside guard. O’Reilly tries some short punches, Zhang has him tied up to the bell.

Round 2. Zhang takes the center, O’Reilly with kicks. Zhang starts returning the kicks. O’Reilly goes in with striking drops for a double, misses it but gets Zhang against the cage again. Zhang reverses it, throws knees. Zhang starts looking for trips, turns O’Reilly to try to take his back briefly. Zhang with the outside leg trip and lands inside guard. O’Reilly tries to sit up but goes too far and Zhang takes his back. Zhang has the body lock and throws punches, let’s O’Reilly roll then tries again for a RNC. Ends the round very dominant.

Round 3. Sporadic striking and Zhang scores with a low kick. O’Reilly shoots and gets it against the cage, he’s bloodied Zhang’s mouth, but Zhang gets the drag down and takes his back again. Zhang has a body lock and works for the choke. Too much blood makes it slippery, easy to defend, so Zhang alternates with punches. O’Reilly actually sits up a few times.

Lipeng Zhang defeats Brendan O’Reilly by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 27-30, 27-30