UFC FN 48 preview: Michael Bisping and Cung Le set for fireworks as main event in Macau

UFC FN 48: Michael Bisping vs Cung Le
UFC FN 48: Michael Bisping vs Cung Le

Michael “The Count” Bisping faces Cung Le as the main event for UFC FN 48 in Macau on August 23, 2014.


Bisping (25-6) and Le (9-2), both stalwart veterans of the sport, have something still to prove in the octagon. Can Bisping still fight guys in the top ten? Has father time caught up to Le?

Bisping has alternated wins and losses in his last six fights, while Le has four wins and two losses in his last six. There is also a big contrast in the level of competition that these fighters have faced. Although Bisping has fought the best of the middleweight division, Le has been fighting guys past their prime. No matter what the situation is for both fighters, they will step into the cage and find out who is the best.

Le has been inactive for the past year and a half due to a lingering elbow injury. Now, he is forty-two years old, respectively, and yet is looking amazing. Le has phenomenal striking that involves a lot of unorthodox kicks from all angles. This poses problems for anyone that goes up against him in the cage.

When Le fought Rich Franklin last year, he landed a picture perfect right hook to put Franklin to sleep. Also, in his fight against Patrick Cote, Le used what he is famous for and earned himself a unanimous decision at UFC 148. The only time he has tasted finishing defeat was when he fought Wanderlei Silva. In the early going Le was dominating Silva with kicks and knocked him down with a spinning backfist but Silva came back later on with a barrage of punches and knees that finished Le.

Le has an opportunity to show the UFC that he is elite by beating a top ten fighter then maybe he will finally get his long-desired shot at Anderson Silva.

Bisping has had a long career in the UFC starting off as the winner of TUF at the light heavyweight division. It has been eight years since then, and he is still one of the best in the middleweight division.

Bisping is a very technical striker with a pretty good chin to go with that. He has fought anyone who’s come his way and that is very commendable. In most of his losses, wrestlers or power strikers have dominated him. Both Tim Kennedy and Chael Sonnen put him mostly on the mat and kept him there. Similarly, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson both TKO’d him.

Bisping has the most to lose in this fight so he needs to bring something new so he can stay in the top ten.

Bisping vs Le: fight analysis

This fight will be a kickboxing match unless Bisping goes for the takedown – which will not likely happen. Le will probably brings his usual game plan which is to stand and throw kicks and punches until his opponent falls. If Bisping can get around those shots and defend well early he can pick him apart bit by bit.

The best chances for Le to finish the fight would be the first two rounds when he is fresh, while Bisping will have his opportunities in the later rounds because of his cardio. Le has never gone past the third round so fatigue might be a factor and that is when Bisping can go for the finish.