UFC FN 48 recap and photos: Alberto Mina defeats Shinsho Anzai by TKO, rd 1, 4:17

UFC FN 48 Alberto Mina defeats Shinsho Anzai
UFC FN 48 Alberto Mina defeats Shinsho Anzai

UFC Fight Night 48 took place on August 23, 2014 in Macau, China. Alberto Mina and Shinsho Anzai set a blistering pace and Mina came out ahead in a big way, with a TKO.


In a wonderful display of two strikers with amazing grappling skills from completely different backgrounds, Mina and Anzai stepped in the Octagon for their co-debut and both men aimed to finish the fight in a hurry as heavy leather was thrown from the opening bell.

Mina switched things up by looking to use his judo and Anzai responded with beautiful wrestling defense. Then they went straight back to throwing bombs. The back-and-forth blow out continued until Mina’s crisp and deadly striking started to take its toll on Anzai’s concrete skull. Mina dropped him and pounced, pounding on a covering Anzai and looking for the ref to step in to stop the slaughter.

Photos by Boyee Siu

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