UFC FN 48 recap and photos: Lipeng Zhang defeats Brendan O’Reilly by Decision

UFC FN 48 Lipeng Zhang defeats Brendan O’Reilly
UFC FN 48 Lipeng Zhang defeats Brendan O’Reilly

UFC Fight Night 48 took place on August 23, 2014 in Macau, China. TUF China Welterweight winner Zhang Lipeng successfully debuts at lightweight by commanding a decision over Brendan O’Reilly.


Zhang’s first Octagon appearance against Wang Sai in the TUF Welterweight finale was less than impressive, with many commenting that a decision could have ton either way. Zhang reentered the Octagon with a new sense of urgency, and although it didn’t get him a finish, he showed a very improved dominant game.

O’Reilly looked to have Zhang’s number early on with takedown defense, a sweep, and good striking. But the second and third would see him find no cure for Zhang’s dogged take down attempts which landed him getting his back taken. Zhang opened up O’Reilly’s face and the resulting blood made it impossible for Zhang to sink a choke. Still, with a body lock tightly on, Zhang stayed in his dominant position and worked alternating choke attempts with punching.

Photos by Boyee Siu

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