UFC FN 48 recap and photos: Michael Bisping defeats Cung Le by TKO in the 4th

UFC FN 48 : Michael Bisping defeats Cung Le
UFC FN 48 : Michael Bisping defeats Cung Le

UFC fight Night 48 took place in Macau, China on August 23, 2014. Michael Bisping battered a tough as nails Cung Le for 4 rounds before getting the TKO stoppage.


Bisping turned up the heat round by round, slowly and effectively smashing Le with the latter’s own game. Spinning back kicks and head kicks came from the Brit who not only brutalized Le, but did it smartly while staying outside and away from the sanda champ’s known KO abilities.

Le was a warrior and is stayed in the thick of it right up to the head-body combo and knee that dropped him to the canvas. Face bloodied and both eyes walloped shut, he kept coming forward. The spectacle made him even more of a hero in the eyes of his fans.

Photos by Boyee Siu

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