Video: Tyron Woodley at UFC FN 48 says fighting in Asia “reinvigorates the bushido spirit”

Tyron Woodley at UFC FN 48
Tyron Woodley at UFC FN 48

Tyron Woodley faces Dong Hyun Kim at UFC FN 48 in Macau on August 23, 2014. At the event’s kick off presser, he spoke about his affinity for Asian food, and more introspective matters.


Amidst dealing with the chaos that is his home town of Ferguson, Woodley is finding a solace of sorts in the fact that he is a true martial artist fighting in Asia. He feels that as long as the Octagon is his home, whether the fight takes place in St Louis or abroad make no difference.

Woodley speaks on his opponent in this video interview, and how stylistically this is a match made for fireworks.