UFC Fuel TV 6 in Maca0, China is now just two short days away.  The pre-fight presser held on the Hong Kong side of the Pearl River Delta was attended by main event fighters Cung Le and Rich Franklin, plus DongHyun Kim and Zhang TieQuan.  After an introductory speech the questions from the media got under way, and then a demo by both main event opponents with commentary by Urijah Faber, and then a self-defense teaching demo with Chuck Liddell and Hong Kong-based Operation Breakthrough, a local group that provides a multitude of support outlets fro disadvantaged young people.  The following are notes from the question and answer part of the segment.  Also making stunning appearances were the new guest round girls, YeBin Kang and Jessica C.

Mark Fischer said that there are 20 million viewers of UFC in China every week.  FOX Premium Movies is a partner in the event.  He also said that the UFC has already mapped their next foray into Asia and will be announcing it on fight night.

Rich Franklin, when asked about a title shot said, “I hate getting asked about title, Cung is right in front of me and he’s what I’m focusing on.  In the future I’ll drop back to 185.”  And when asked about fighting a ‘nice guy’, responded “This is not the first time I’ve fought a friend; I don’t have to hate him to fight him.”

Cung was asked if he keeps in touch with family in Vietnam, to which he replied, “I do have fam in Vietnam, but right now I’m focused on my fight.”  And when asked if he is still involved in the sanshou community, stated, “There’s a lot of politics right now.  I took a step back let them handle it.” As far as his movie career is concerned, Cung said he’s only focusing on this fight right now.  He also said his favorite of the old kung fu flicks is 36 Chambers of Shaolin.

Zhang stated that the UFC coming to China has influenced the local market.  He said, “People are learning about MMA and the scene is growing fast.”

Kim was asked what he sees in his future, and he shared “I hope if I do well will it will lead to a UFC match in Korea.”  He also said,  “My opponent will have uphill battle because of  jet lag.  I feel great and I’m sleeping well.”  And when asked what Chinese movie star he liked, he said “Jet Li”.


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