UFC’s TUF China cast insider’s guide: who made the cut


The UFC has announced the sixteen participants in its China edition of The Ultimate Fighter. Notables include Ning GuangYou, Wang Sai, Yang JianPing, and Zhang LiPeng. The contest will be across the lightweight and welterweight categories.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.46.57 AM

Left to right:
(Top) Albert Cheng 陈正康, Allen Chong 张济明, Dong Xin 董鑫, Fu Chang Xin 付长鑫
(Bottom) He Wei Jian 何建伟, Li Jin Ying 李金英, Li Jun Han 李俊翰, Ning Guang You 宁广友

Albert Cheng is a Canadian MMA fighter with a record of 2-2. He last fought Japanese/Brazilian prodigy Kleber Koike at Real Fight 2 in Beijing. Allen Chong is a grappler from Malaysia who started his own academy there. He competed in the Malaysian Invasion amateur tournament and won the Lightweight Championship. Dong Xin has notched up wins in China’s CMFA and UFA. Fu Chan Xin is a shuai jiao (Chinese wrestling) proponent.

He JianWei is a sanda striker. Rocky Li JunHan is a fighter from Taiwan who smashed his way up the grappling competitions and then progressed into MMA. Ning GuangYou started in Art Of War where he faced Kang KyungHo, then another tough Korean Kwon ASol in Legend FC, and most recently defeated Jiang ZhouWen in RUFF.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.47.17 AM

Left to right:
(Top) Shih Liang 史亮, An Ying Wang 王安莹, Wang Sai 王赛, Wu Qi Ze 吴奇泽
(Bottom) Yang JianPing 杨建平, Yao Zhi Kui 姚志奎, Zhang Lipeng 张立鹏, Zhi Qing Xiang 朱庆祥

Wang AnYing is a national Muay Thai champion and placed fifth in the China National Sanda Tournament in 2012. His most recent win was in RUFF. Wang Sai is one of the few Chinese fighters to take the show on the road. He’s trained at Ole Laursen’s camp and had memorable slug tests in Legend FC. He recently defeated Glenn Ranillo in PXC. Wu QiZe is a new CTT fighter who was KOed by Hong Seung Chan in PXC.

Yang JianPing is China’s pin-up idol (just google him). Yao Zhi Kui is a new breed of Chinese fighter who has his base in jiujitsu. He is another fighter from RUFF. Zhang LiPeng is virtually a Chinese MMA icon. He has fought in every major Chinese promotion and probably the rest of them too, so his Sherdog record doesn’t do him justice. Zhi Qing Xiang is a seasoned MMA fighter on Chinese circuits.

As previously announced by the UFC,

The highly anticipated Chinese edition of The Ultimate Fighter is co-produced by UFC and Liaoning Radio Television and will premiere this December on Liaoning Satellite TV, reaching more than 830 million viewers across China at weekend prime time. The live Finale event to determine the inaugural champion of The Ultimate Fighter China will take place at The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena in March 2014. Cotai Strip Resorts Macao and Marina Bay Sands are the presenting sponsors of The Ultimate Fighter China, the result of a multi-year partnership between Sands China Ltd. and UFC.


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