WBK 4 in Ningbo, China sees Cai Liucai, Jo Nam-Jin, Wu Chengie victorious



WBK 4 Jo Nam-Jin defeats Alateng Heili
WBK 4 Jo Nam-Jin defeats Alateng Heili

Mercury isn’t even in retrograde yet, but already there is craziness on the China MMA scene.

This weekend of June 5 and 6, 2015 sees three events with MMA matches taking place in different cities in China, and they feature some very well-known names from home and abroad.

Last night in Ningbo, China, WBK 4 took place and UFC fighter Ning Guangyou pulled a term as a referee. The main event was Cai Luicai facing Filipino striker Tala, who was taking part in the BYOG night (bring your own gloves) by donning a pair of UFC-branded ones. While Tala threw fancy powerful kicks and was able to step up his game to deal with the clinch and being thrown on his back, Cai’s reach, pinpoint striking and grappling were the dominating factors. Cai pulled off the first round arm bar.

In the co-main, ROAD FC’s Flyweight Champion Jo Nam-Jin faced Alateng Heili who was still wearing his ONE FC gloves. It was a grinding back and forth affair that showcased the wrestling skills of both men. Arguably Heili had the first round with a pair of takedowns even though Jo was able to work out and hunt for his head. The second went to Jo who was able to get to side control and land elbows after two takedowns. In the third, Jo added pressure with more striking and hunted for subs, whole Heili ended strong. Surprisingly, as China is notorious for giving the decision to the Chinese fighter almost every time there’s no finish, the judges sided in favor of Jo.

Wu Chengjie’s training at Team MAD in Korea has been paying off, and while he couldn’t defend Wuliji Buren’s takedowns, he worked well off his back to get the tap to a quick arm bar.

Tiger Muay Thai took home two wins as Islam Siszbulatow got a first round TKO over Jiang Jowen and Oleg Olenichev choked out Nurila in the second.

Islam Siszbulatow defeats Jiang Jowen


In the single women’s bout, Qun He was much bigger and stronger than her opponent “Julie” and the towel was thrown in.

June 5, 2015
Ninbo, China

Cai Liucai 崔刘才 def Tala 塔拉[菲律宾] by armbar, rd 1, 1:47

Jo Nam-Jin 赵南珍[韩国] def Alateng Heili 阿拉腾黑力 by Decision

#6 MMA规则-66公斤级】
Wu Chengjie 吴成杰 def Wuliji Buren 乌力吉布仁 by arm bar rd 1, 2:45

Islam Siszbulatow 伊斯洛夫[英国] def Jiang Jowen by GNP rd 1, 2:52

#4 【MMA规则-80公斤级】
Oleg Olenichev 阿力格 [俄罗斯] def Nurila 努尔拉 by RNC rd 2, 4:35

Ayideng Jumayi 阿依登·居马依 def Thai fighter by TKO rd 1, 3:02

Qun He 何群 def Julie 婕拉 by TKO rd 1, 2:33

Tsai Feilung def Hungary fighter by Guillotine, rd 3, 4:43

阿依登·居马依 def Damar 扎马尔[俄罗斯] by TKO rd 1, 3:02

Habite 哈比提 def Ole 欧雷 [克罗地亚] by arm bar rd 1, 2:22