KTMMA-Wulinfeng: China vs England features Wang Guan, Yao Honggang in London

KTMMA vs Wulinfeng
KTMMA vs Wulinfeng

On March 14, 2015, China’s kickboxing and MMA stalwart Wulinfeng will send its fighters to foreign shores to compete in England’s KTMMA.


The next KTMMA will feature ten England versus China bouts, of which four will be MMA, featuring two of China’s most well-known fighters Wang Guan and Yao Honggong, plus first gen MMA fighter Wu Haotian and Nurla Mulali.

They will be facing Josh Palmer (color commentator for Cage Warriors), Jefferson “Shadow Demon Blaximus” George, Dani Vinni, and undefeated Dean Garnett.

KTMMA has been running in England since 2013 and Wulinfeng in China since 2004. Wulinfeng has also held kickboxing events in Tokyo, Las Vegas, Hamburg, New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Ireland and Seoul.

The event will be broadcast in China on Henan TV to over 150 million viewers and satellite transmitted via Zhongxing 6B, whose HNTV signal can be picked up from Europe, Asia, and Oceania, reaching 53 countries in total.

The event will take place on Saturday March 14th at the ILEC Conference Centre in Earls Court, London, England.