2 has a pair of tickets up for grabs to City Fight Club‘s Inaugural White Collar MMA Championship, a Black Tie CHARITY event – a $3,600hkd value. the winner will be chosen from the best answers given to the three questions below, and must be in HK on March 8th.

Deadline for entry is Monday night!

1. Surgeon James “The Mamba” Li supports Operation Smile, which has given a smile back to over 20,000 children with cleft palates. he takes on University Lecturer Jeff “Soulchild” Siegel who supports HK Shue Yan University scholarship, furthering educational opportunities for students with social responsibility and a global outlook . these two champs have endured 4 months of training alongside their careers, and will give all the proceeds from their hard work away, to benefit others. if you had to fight for a cause, who would you fight for?

2. Ben “Boom Time” Hartwell is an equity trader by day and a boxer by night. come fight night, he’s bringing technical analysis and fast-paced thinking from the office into the cage to make some kickass trades. he will meet @Brad “Vanilla Gorilla” Robinson, a manager in the surveillance industry and an all-around fighter. when he gets in that cage, he will see everything, be everywhere, and pounce on the first mistake. with White Collar MMA, anyone can have their day in the ring. in your office, is there an AE you’d like to see roughed up in the cage, or an IT guy you just know is a Rocky in the making? who would you nominate for the next round, and why? 

3. after “Soulchild” warned “The Mamba” that he’d “need to be doing surgery on himself” after their fight, Morgan “The Viking Cousin told Charbel “the Phoenician” Assaf that he’d “make a kebab” out of him. then @Redd “The Ripper”Baluyos said he was going to crack open and eat Wallace “Little Crab” Lau. most of these guys never speak any smack talk, just like all around nice guy CFC Founder @Vuyisile “The Cheetah” Colossa. this is where you come in: write some smack talk for “The Cheetah” to use before his next MMA fight! get creative; the winner will get to hear him say it at the event on March 8th.


  1. #1 – If I had to fight tomorrow, I'd fight for the guys who recently released a documentary (Restoring the Light) about a rural Chinese doctor's quest to provide free healthcare to remote villages. The film serves as a platform to connect existing initiatives in multiple sectors and to shift public consciousness on issues concerning rural Chinese healthcare, education, disabilities, and sustainability.

    #2 – I'm currently at Nanjing University completing my MA thesis, so it goes without saying that I don't have an office. However, this is one dude in my program has been training kung fu and taijiquan for years and years, and even though he looks like the quintessential book-worm, I'm sure he could hold his own in the cage. Perhaps his name could be “The Librarian”.. and his motto, “I stack my opponents like a pile of books!” speaking of which…

    #3 – I'm not a fan of smack talk getting too personal, so perhaps Mr. Colossa could just say something generic like, “you wanna know what cheetahs eat? anything they get their fucking claws on. so unless this guy thinks he can out run me, I guess we know what's gonna be on my plate for dinner…”


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