Dana White to kick off UFC Macau Hong Kong presser

UFC Macau poster, Dana White
UFC Macau poster, Dana White

UFC Fight Night Macau will take place on August 23, 2014 in China. CEO Dana White will personally lead the charge with a media conference in Hong Kong on Tuesday, June 24th.

UFC fans in Asia will no longer have a reason to feel slighted as a second cousin because the Godfather is coming for a visit. Dana White will launch the media campaign for UFC Macau on Tuesday, June 24th along with Asia MD Mark Fischer, headliners Bisping and Le, and co-main event fighters Dong Hyun Kim and Hecotr Lombard.

Rumors of other bouts expected on the card should be addressed. Featherweight finalists from TUF China Ning GuangYou and Yang JianPing are likely to have their match after Yang pulled out of the final for an unexplained injury. Welterweight winner Zheng LiPeng was announced by Chinese media to have booked a fight on the card with Bendan O’Reilly.

MMA-in-ASIA will update live from the press conference in Hong Kong.


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