Hong Kong’s first amateur organization launches first competition on March 28th



HK Open 1 Anikin Lau vs Lucky Navia
HK Open 1 Anikin Lau vs Lucky Navia

The Hong Kong China MMA Association (HKCMMA) will hold its first amateur MMA event, the HK Open 1, in co-operation with Windy on March 28, 2015.

Five amateur bouts and two professional MMA matches will take place on the massive 20+ fight card.

Windy Hong Kong 2015 is hosting kickboxing bouts under the International Professional Combat Council (IPCC). There will be everything from Muay Thai to K-1 rules matches, including a wheelchair boxing match, and juvenile title match.

The amateur matches will take place as the preliminary fights. There will also be two grappling matches to showcase the sport to the stand up fans.

Several local teams are fielding MMA fighters in the amateur and professional matches, including Triquest MMA, Kowloon BJJ, Epic MMA, Versus, and Everlast. Regional karatekas are also taking part, from Shidokan Hong Kong and Shinkyokushin Macau.

Hong Kong has long been a hotspot for kungfu and Muay Thai, and Brazilian jiujitsu events there were a Southeast Asian staple for a number of years. Yet, even with the former Legend FC holding events, and pro fighters such as Rodrigo Caporal, Alberto Mina, Vuyisile Colossa and Diego Nunes holding coaching positions, MMA hasn’t blossomed in the finance capital. Hopefully with an amateur circuit, the sport will become more accessible, and that will change.

The HKCMMA was established about a year ago and has been sanctioning MMA in Hong Kong ever since, namely Colossa’s IMPI FC – Hong Kong’s only current MMA promotion – and the sporadic MMA bouts that appear regularly on Muay Thai cards. This is their first foray into holding bouts, and they expect that quarterly appearances on professional cards will become the norm.

Windy HK 2015
March 28, 2015
Southorn Stadium
Hong Kong, China

Windy 94 kg Title
Ederson Cristian Macedo vs Dzmitry Viotau

Windy 57kg Title
Max Leali vs Anson Kwok

Amateur 84 kg
XIONG Dixin vs Man On LI

Amateur 70 kg
SO Chi Man vs Clark LAO

Amateur 70 kg
SIN Siu Lung vs Andy YAU

Amateur 65 kg
Anikin LAU vs Lucky NAVIA

Amateur 56 kg
Jacky TANG vs Adrian WU

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