UFC Macau matches to make



UFC Macau was kicked off in Hong Kong on June 23, 2014 with a press conference and fan event. The remainder of the card wasn’t announced, but alluded to. This article will present a few possibilities talked about at the presser.

Yang JianPing versus Ning GuangYou

UFC Macau last was held in March as the TUF China Finale. The second Macau event of 2014 will see the final which didn’t happen, as Yang JianPing was at the presser and made his own pleading for support, of sorts. He will meet Ning GuangYou on August 23rd in Macau. Supposedly Yang was injured and thus backed out of the finale commitment at the last moment. When MMA-in-ASIA questioned him on the subject, Yang was forthcoming and apologetic.

“I want to apologize to UFC and all the fans who supported me… the injury comes up due to overtraining,” replied Yang.

Yet while Ning has been on the sidelines frustratedly awaiting Yang’s commitment, it won’t be the first time Yang has fought since then. Chinese media reported that he had fought in China in an MMA event, which many were curious if he had even been signed to the UFC. When MMA-in-ASIA asked him to clarify the matter, he stated,

“Talking about the other exhibition that I was involved in on the 1st of June, it was actually a preparation match before the event because I haven’t been in the ring for such a long time, and I wanted to have a more formal exhibition, so I can be more prepared and get the feeling back, and be more prepared for the August 23rd match.”

Alberto Mina

While Dana White seemed reluctant to confirm an opponent, it has already been stated that Mina is booked for the event, following a debut that was cancelled at the last UFC Macau as his opponent Zak Cummings failed to make weight.

Vuyisile Colossa

Previously, Colossa announced that he was signed to the UFC and booked for UFC Macau. The outstanding striker has since been informed that his contract with ONE FC is still in effect, therefore the Macau card will not be possible. Further on this matter will be coming shortly.

Chinese fighters

Mark Fischer told MMA-in-ASIA that the the reason White hadn’t announced the card was because many of the matches weren’t 100% confirmed. However, he did indicate there was a strong possibility of several Chinese fighters making their way onto the card.

Rocky Lee, from Taiwan, was first to be mentioned. It would be his UFC debut after TUF appearance that saw him KOed by Ning in the semifinals. He’s an outstanding grappler.

Wang AnYing might also make his second appearance since his debut on the Macau card.

Zhang LiPeng might also come back since winning the TUF China Finale against Wang Sai.

In looking past the August event, will there continue to be a presence in China and a plan to develop the fighters and market for the future?  In other words, will there be a TUF China 2?

“As you know, that’s what we want to do… we’ve got the first one under our belts and we want to do a second one, this market is very important to us. Yes, there will be a Season 2, we’re just trying to work it out,” said Dana White.

UFC Fight Night Macau
August 23, 2014
Cotai Arena
Macau, China

Main Event
Michael Bisping vs Cung Le

Co Main Event
Tyron Woodley vs Dong Hyun Kim

TUF China Featherweight Finale
Yang JianPing vs Ning GuangYou

Alberto Mina vs TBA

Zhang LiPeng vs TBA (possible)

Wang AnYing (possible)

Rocky Lee (possible)