Vuyisile Colossa signs to UFC, Macau debut planned

Vuyisile Colossa signs to UFC.
Vuyisile Colossa signs with the UFC.

South Africa’s Vuyisile Colossa has announced his signing to the UFC following a run with both ONE FC and ROAD FC.

Colossa has been coaching and training in Hong Kong for more than six years.

Originally a Muay Thai fighter, he won several international championships and competed in the King’s Cup.

He was also a contestant on the television reality show Challenger Muay Thai. Colossa currently holds China’s Wulinfeng Lightweight Championship title.

Colossa’s MMA career blossomed after back-to-back wins with ROAD FC with Nam Yui-Chul – now also signed to the UFC – during the Lightweight Tournament.

Then in ONE FC he began to shine, with an incredible performance against Lowen Tynanes, followed by back-to-back shellackings of Kotetsu Boku and Caros Fodor.

While his grappling was long considered his weak point, he has slowly overcome expectations in each match.

Colossa holds some of the fastest and hardest hands in his division in Asia. Transitioning onto the world stage in his hometown neighborhood of Macau is a treat for his fans. Check out our in-depth interview with Colossa here.

Colossa hasn’t just trained and competed, he’s also been an active philanthropist for the Colossa Foundation, set up by his family to benefit the South African community he came from.

He has also advanced MMA in Hong Kong by establishing the first “white collar” MMA event which he held for three seasons. Next up for the hard-working Colossa is a pro organisation called IMPI FC, which he says will be held in both Asia and South Africa, furthering his building initiatives in his home country.

The first IMPI event will be in South Africa on 3 August and the second will be in Hong Kong on 31 October.

Both cards will feature amateur and professional bouts.


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