The Super Fight League blazed onto the international scene in March of this year, heralding the advent of Indian MMA.  In less that a year is has chalked up a remarkable 12 events due to its weekly format in a studio, streamed live on the internet every Friday.  SFL jumped right into the big leagues with signings of foreign fighters Trevor Prangley, Baga Agaev, Doug Marshall, and Zelg Galešić.  It also championed women’s MMA right from the start, from Lena Ovchynnikova versus Joanne Calderwood to bringing up Indian female fighters like Manjit Kolekar, and announcing a partnership with the world’s premier all-women’s MMA promotion, Invicta FC.

In 2012, SFL also produced a reality show featuring both male and female fighters, now has a game where fans can pick the winners of bouts for prizes, and it just announced a line of… deodorants.  From three stadium events to television studio production, its run the gamut of possible event scenarios in a very short time.  The promotion states that 2013 will be equally as active, with 24 events – a biweekly format – and the champions go SFL 13 will be very busy protecting what they earn one week from this Friday’s SFL 12 card, on December 14th, 2012.

Full press release below.

Super Fight League To Crown Five Champions at SFL 13 – SFL’s 2012 promotional debut culminates with Night of Champions

Airing and Streaming Live Friday December 14th, 2012

11.30 PM – LONDON 3.30 PM

December 6th, 2012 Mumbai India; Super Fight League is proud to announce SFL Friday Fight Night 13, ‘Night of Champions’, an epic end of year finale where SFL stars battle it out to be crowned the first ever Super Fight League champions. As always the SFL will air live on Neo Prime in India and streams live and free on YouTube at http://www.YouTube.com/SFL.

SFL 13 will go down in the history books for Super Fight League. The final event of 2012 will be filled with five titles on the line. Since SFL’s inaugural show in March of 2012 fighters from all over the world have come to the SFL to compete and now ten fighters have earned the chance to become Super Fight League Champions. You can make picks of who you think will win and play along with the SFL MMA Game (http://superfightleague.com/mmagame).

The card is stacked with the men’s welterweight, lightweight, featherweight and bantamweight titles all on the line, topped off with a bout to decide to women’s flyweight champion, SFL 13 promises to be one of the most memorable MMA events seen in Asian history.

The Super Fight League was founded in early 2012 and has quickly become one of the most active promotions in MMA bringing fight fans multiple fight cards each and every month at no charge. 2013 the SFL plans to promote even more stacked cards, feature more international talent and of course five new Champions that must defend their belts.

Raj Kundra, Chairman of Super Fight League said: “The event we’ve all been working towards has finally arrived – where the world can see SFL talent battle it out to win our first ever world title belts. As 2012 draws to a close, I am proud of the things we accomplished within the sport of MMA. In 2013 we will move to a Bi-Weekly format that should allow us to present the same rapid pace that SFL fans love combined with broader reach to other countries. To put it in a few words, we plan on making sure our Champions are active and tested against the best in 2013.”

The Super Fight League is the most consistent MMA promotion in Asia. With over 24 events already planned for 2013 SFL looks to continue to capitalize on Asia’s large MMA fan base and push its brand across all borders while continuing to educate and develop the sport in it’s base Indian market. Tune into SFL 13 on Friday December 14th 2012, streaming live on www.YouTube.com/SFL at 9:00 PM in Mumbai India, 7:30 AM in Los Angeles, 10:30 AM in New York, 11:30 PM in Hong Kong and 3:30 PM in London.

SFL 13 Friday Fight Night Card – Night of Champions

· SFL World Title Fight (Main Event): Bhabajeet Chowdhury vs Shyam Prasad (WW)
· SFL World Title Fight: Sanja Sucevic vs Colleen Schneider (FW)
· SFL World Title Fight: Manoj Chuhan vs Anup Kumar (BW)
· SFL World Title Fight: Bharat Kandare vs Narender Grewal (FW)
· SFL World Title Fight: Rajinder Singh Meena vs Sandeep Yadav (LW)
· Mohamed Hassan vs Warren De Reuck (WW)
· Rouhollah Eidehlouei v Jamshed Khan (WW)

Play along with SFL

Don’t forget to play along by using the SFL MMA Game to predict when and how the fights will end and check how you did after the event. For more information on how to play visit http://superfightleague.com/mmagame/

About Super Fight League

Super Fight League is Asia’s leading Mixed Martial Arts organization. Over the past decade, with the guidance of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, Mixed Martial Arts has developed from a spectacle into a highly respected sport with a global audience. Major fights between world-renowned Mixed Martial Arts superstars are among the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records of boxing and professional wrestling.

Sports fans around the World have made their voices heard, they want a sense of real competition when they watch sports, and MMA delivers. The Super Fight League brings Mixed Martial Arts to India and it brings it the world through its partnership with YouTube.com. MMA fans can catch all Super Fight League live and for free on TV in India and YouTube everywhere else.

Super Fight League was founded by Raj Kundra and Sanjay Dutt in 2012. Both men are proven leaders in Sports and Entertainment in India and both are well respected and successful Entrepreneurs. Collectively they have become dominant forces in India’s Bollywood and Cricket scene and now Mixed Martial Arts.

Website: www.superfightleague.com

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