SFL 3: Final fight card revealed


Super Fight League has announced the full card for SFL 3 in New Delhi in Sunday 6 May.

Here’s the main card:

Bobby Lashley vs. James Thompson (HW/ Main Event)
Trevor Prangley vs. Baga Agaev (LH)
Doug Marshall vs. Zelg Galešić (MW)
Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Joanne Calderwood (125 lb)

Under Card:

Kultar Singh Gill [India] vs Quinton Arendse [South Africa] [80 kg catchweight]
Gurdarshan Mangat [India] vs Liu Si Cong [China] [62 kg catchweight]
Lakhwinder Singh Sekhon [India] vs Vladimir Biandov [Bulgaria] lightweight
Anup Kumar [India] vs Noom [Thailand] [60 kg catchweight]

Fans from all over the world can tune in and watch the event live and free on the official SFL YouTube channel.

Kultar Singh Gill [India] vs Quinton Arendse [South Africa] [80 kg catchweight]

33 year old Indian-Canadian Kultar “Black Mamba” Gill (10 – 8) is back after a after a four year hiatus and looking to make an impact. Holding both the Canadian Muay Thai and Pacific North West Championship belts at just 17 years old, Gill went on to fight in K-1 and Dream, earning a reputation as MMA’s standout Indian expatriate for over 10 years. A prison warden by day, Gill guarantees to bring an exciting fight.

Gill said: “I want India to know that come May 6th I will be going into this fight like an animal hunting its prey. Death is just another state of existence, so I plan to introduce my opponent to it. My game plan is simple; shin meets face and sleepy-sleepy time. After the smoke clears the audience can cheer me as their new favourite fighter.”

Facing up to Gill is South African Quinton Arendse (1 – 1), a jiu-jitsu expert that has been training in MMA for 20 years. A former competitor in Deep, Arendse has been keeping busy since his last official MMA bout in 2006 by fighting on local shows in his adopted home of Hong Kong and competing in grappling and kickboxing contests. Arendse jumped at the opportunity of fighting in India, seeing himself as an MMA missionary helping the sport to grow all around the world.

Arendse said: “I am very excited about fighting in India. Kultar and I are both experienced fighters so it will definitely make for an exciting contest – there will be constant action. I have been training hard and I know there will be a lot of people watching so I am going to give it my all. The fans of India will enjoy this fight.”

Gurdarshan Mangat [India] vs Liu Si Cong [China] [62 kg catchweight]

Training under Silas Maynard from Fighters Unite-Shanghai, 21 year old Chinese prospect Liu Si Cong will be bringing everything to the cage in his debut MMA fight against undefeated Gurdarshan Mangat.

Cong said: “I see this as a fight of the night contender. An undefeated fighter vs me – a fighter with a great chin and the biggest heart. I like to push my opponent so hard it breaks their will. Win or lose, I think we will give the fans a fight to remember and talk about. A win for me would be huge. It would open up the Chinese market to an outside of China event. “

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada and fighting out of Mamba MMA, former amateur 145lb. champion Gurdarshan ‘Saint Lion’ Mangat (Gary Mangat) (2 – 0) is widely recognized as one of Canadian MMA’s brightest talents. Regularly invited to train with MMA legends such as Georges St Pierre and Kenny Florian in Montreal, Mangat has set his sights on becoming a legend in his own right and is delighted to be able to do so in his motherland of India.

Mangat said: “I’m coming to showcase the most complete version of myself in my motherland. I’ve dreamt of it, now I will show it. I am looking to open people’s eyes and show them that I am the best Indian talent out there. I have been training with some of the best MMA fighters in the world. I am ready. Be ready to witness a statement. “

Lakhwinder Singh Sekhon [India] vs Vladimir Biandov [Bulgaria] lightweight

Lakhwinder ‘Lightening’ Singh Sekhon (3-0) has had storming start to his MMA career, winning all three of his fights in a combined time of less then four minutes and not a single fight going past the 90 second mark. Residing in West London but fighting out of team Nova Forca in Epsom, England, Sekhon goes into every bout looking to finish it as quickly as possible and already has a knock out of the night award from his first fight in SFL 1.

Sekhon said: “I’m thankful to the SFL for giving me this platform and I’m looking forward to performing. I don’t worry about my opponent’s game plan, I just do what I do. I’m prepared for a three round war but I am always looking for an opening to finish a fight and if I see it, I won’t hesitate. I would love to win by one punch knockout.”

Stepping up to face crowd favourite and undefeated Lakhwinder is Vladimir Biandov (1 – 0.) Fighting out of Gym Lions, Burgas, Biandov boasts a 4 – 0 amateur record with all wins coming via submission.

Anup Kumar [India] vs Noom [Thailand] [60 kg catchweight]

Fresh off his submission win over Sri Lankan Dilanga Rathnaweera at SFL 2, Indian featherweight Anup ‘Pitbull’ Kumar (1 – 1) is ready to continue his winning streak in front of the home crowd.

Facing up to the popular Indian fighter is ‘Noom.’ Fighting out of renowned camp Legacy Gym in Ubon Thailand, 23 year old Muay Thai specialist Noom will be making his professional MMA debut at SFL 3.

Noom said: “My style is Muay Thai, so I will keep it standing. But I can fight in any position. I have been training BJJ and MMA so I am ready for anywhere the fight goes. I always try to put on an exciting fight and show what I can do. I’ll be looking for the KO but it can be from a kick, elbow, punch or knee. I have many ways.“

SFL COO Dan Isaac said: “One of the most exciting aspects of Super Fight League is that it’s home to fighters who are Indian. If you are an Indian National or of Indian origin and an MMA fighter the SFL is the place you should consider home. Whether it’s an up and coming MMA fighter from the insignificant town of Bhagur in India like Bharat Khandare or a veteran MMA fighter like Alan Fenandes, SFL has signed India’s top MMA talent. Come May 6th, India’s top fighters will once again take centre stage as featherweights Anup Kumar and Gurdarshan Singh Mangat, lightweight champ Lakhwinder Singh Sekhon and middleweight Kultar Singh Gill stand proudly beneath the Indian flag.”






  1. Lakwinder is pretty cool wanna see him smash this Bulgarian up. Also kultar gill is amazing. Can't Waite to see lashly fight James gonna be a mega monster mash up

  2. U heard wrong dude they pay guys well who ever told. U is talking balloni I have a friend who guys contracted to them and they are payed well 😉

  3. Best Fighters are Sikhs. Great to see 3 punjabi mundai gonna represent Us on a big showand gonna bring back the wins. Singh is King


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