Ibrahim Ahmed Nabil, the manager of Kurai Fight Team in Egypt is co-organizing a new promotion in Asia and the Middle East with War Fighting Championship President Ratul Mukherjee (which falls directly under the Combat Sports Association regulatory body).  This promotion aims to hold events in different cities throughout the region showcasing regional and international fighters.  The ABC Unified Rules will be followed but the first event will initially be held in a ring.  The first event and several fights on the card have been announced.




Soul OF Fighter: Asian Warriors 1
August 25, 2012 * changed from August 18 on 8/5
Netaji Indoor Stadium
Kolkata, India

#1 – Welterweight
Julio Cesar Alves “Girino” (Brazil) versus Soumen Mtras (India)

#2 – Middleweight
Rafael Lopes (Brazil) versus Nuur Mohammad (India)

#3 – Co-main Event Featherweight  Title Shoot Fight
Luis “Fire” Castano (Spain) versus Vikram Dave (India) * changed 8/5: Vikram out, Samsher Singh (India) in

#4 – Light Heavyweight * added 8/5
Robert Sothmann (Canada) Versus Rajbir Singh(Indai)

#5 – Main Event Heavy Weight Title Shoot Fight
Ibrahim Eid (Egypt) versus Mike Martelle (Canada)


  1. Yeah I watched it on 18th and 25th with four leaves and loss of pay. Such false news should not be published. A political rally was already announced two months back in the same venue, so I should have known, also many of my fihgter friends and others had warned me not to go as Ratul Mukherjee is there and he keeps on announcing on facebook and nothing has taken place till now. It is all my mistake, but also yours because many like me have been informed wrong. I am ashemmed that he is a fellow Bengali spoiling our state’s name.


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