Yoddha FC Tryouts 4 results from grass-roots amateur event in India



Yoddha FC Tryouts 4
Yoddha FC Tryouts 4

The Yoddha Fighting Championship Tryouts 4 were held at Bhubaneshwar, India on 4th and 5th of July, 2015.

This event had 28 amateur MMA bouts, including one women’s bout and culminated in a main event professional match, in which Biswa Dev made quick work of Sachin Mahanta by guillotining him in the first round.

The event highlights were rebroadcast on India’s ETV Odhisa.

There were a few flash finish KOs, but not as many as you’d expect from a fledgling amateur promotion testing out the skills of the newly trained masses. There were six submission finishes and six decisions from fights that went the distance.

As Yoddha whittles down the pool of India’s new MMA fighters, expect to see more burgeoning stars coming out of the country. A few small pockets of groups are spreading good BJJ skills, cross training, and getting striking work in so that the level of India’s MMA will rise. Props to Yoddha for putting together an ambitious grass-roots league.

Yoddha FC Tryouts 4
July 4-5, 2015
Bhubaneshwar, India

Yoddha FC – Bhubaneshwar Tryouts – 4/7/2015

Khriemelie Metha def Sidhilal Marandi by TKO 2 1:40
Neeraj Borah def Tapas Pradhan by TKO 2 1:33
Vijay Gupta def Shiirazhiio Mao by TKO 2 2:47
Siddesh Shirgaonkar def Nain Sahi by Unanimous Decision 3 3
Viktor Angami def Karthik M by Fighter Withdrawal 1 3
Satyajeet def Vikato Kiho by KO 1 1:15
Saurav Nath def Ayush Tandon by Submission Guillotine Choke 1 1:49
P Satish def Ali Zargham by TKO 2 2:37
Imkong Jamir def Nidhin George by Unanimous Decision 3 3
Kishan Gupta def Keshav Sardar by KO 2 1:15
Kimson Tony def Guru G by TKO 1 1:30
Sunny Khatri def Rajesh Munda by Submission Guillotine Choke 1 1:49
Clinton D’Cruz def Swarup Paul by KO 1 2:15
Srushti Wankhade def Sreelakshmi Gupta by Unanimous Decision 3 3
Rudolph Carvalho def Amjad Khan by Verbal Tapout to Strikes 3 2:54

Yoddha FC – Bhubaneshwar Tryouts – 5/7/2015

Amarjeet Singh def Anup Sherpa by TKO 2 1:37
Shantanu Pujari def Dilip Jha by Rear Naked Choke 2 2:15
Nikhil Sharma def Rishi Agarwal by Rear Naked Choke 1 2:15
Suyash Jadhav def Aditya Morey by TKO 1 1:15
Aditya Sanil def Pawan Kumar by Unanimous Decision 3 3
Sarthak Roy def Ashish Murkar by Unanimous Decision 3 3
Karthik Sharma def Nischal Kelamane by TKO 1 2:15
Ketholetuo Nagi def Shishpal Saini by KO 1 45 sec
Diwas Rai def Tokuhu Zhimomi by Fighter Withdrawal 1 3
Prakop Rai def Vikram Jadhav by KO 1 45 sec
Love Bagga def Anil Patra by Fighter Withdrawal 1 3
Gajendra Kharatmol vs Md Shahnawaz a Draw 3 3
Anjan Raman def Shibashish Banerjee by Rear Naked Choke 1 2:15

Biswa Dev def Sachin Mahanta Guillotine 1 2:00