One Pride FN 21 sees Gunawan keep the strawweight strap by TKO

One Pride FN 21: Strawweight Champion Gunawan
One Pride FN 21: Strawweight Champion Gunawan

One Pride Fight Night 21 delivered all finishes and two challengers, as well as a thrilling strawweight title fight.

Strawweight champion “Wong Fei Hung” Gunawan seemed to want a tactical game against his old foe, but Brando Mamana would not allow it. Mamana came at him relentlessly and Gunawan had no choice but to respond. In the second round, keeping track of the scrambles was difficult, but it was clear that Gunawan was able to come out on top, whether in the clinch or on the ground.

In the third round, Gunawan took control of the clinch and blasted knees at Mamana endlessly for three minutes, then finally took him out with short punches. For the second time, Gunawan defeated his rival and kept the strawweight belt for himself.

In the bantamweight challengers match, Eko Priandono simply blitzed Saepul Anwar with a jab-straight-low kick barrage throughout the first round, but earned a yellow card for an eye swipe at the end. Anwar seemed to pick up his game in the opening of the second, but Priandono’s punches were too much. Eventually they added up and all it took was the final blow. Priandono earned the shot at the bantamweight title by KO.

In the flyweight challengers match, Erpin Syah bided his time for almost two minutes against Iwan Hermawan’s sporadic attacks. Syah then exploded with a double leg, and held onto side control while looking for an arm triangle. When Hermawan took a second to rile the crowd up against the lay and pray, Syah captured the moment. He slid to mount, landed uncountable elbows, and finally sunk in a rear naked choke. Syah delivered a smart performance to prove he’s ready to be the next flyweight challenger.

Galih Tornado and Yacub Christ Nugroho had one heck of an opening clash, but once it hit the canvas, Tornado dominated with everything. Tornado bashed in Nugroho’s nose with a knee in the clinch, and when the second round opened, he signaled he’d had enough, giving Tornado the TKO victory.

Lorensius Andi and Sutikno was a distinct grappler versus striker match, with Andi landing the takedowns and Sutikno showing off his wushu kicks. Andi dominated the second round with a swift double leg, ground and pound, and an armbar that earned the tap. It was a good performance from the two co-debutants.

One Pride Fight Night 21
11 August 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

#5 Strawweight Championship
Gunawan def Brando Mamana by TKO, R3

#4 Bantamweight Contender Fight
Achmad Eko Priandono def Saepul Anwar by KO, R2

#3 Flyweight Contender Fight
Erpin Syah #1 def Iwan Hermawan #2 by Submission, rnc, R1

#2 Flyweight
Galih Tornado def Yacub Christ Nugroho by TKO, verbal tapout, RD 2 0:01

#1 Atomweight
Lorensius Andi def Sutikno by Submission, armbar, R2


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