Hafid Nur Maradi crowned featherweight king at One Pride FN 22

One Pride featherweight champion Hafid Nur Maradi
One Pride featherweight champion Hafid Nur Maradi

Indonesia’s One Pride crowned Hafid Nur Maradi the featherweight king at Fight Night 22, and Theodorus Ginting stepped closer to a title match.

In the featherweight title fight, Hafid Nur Maradi didn’t allow Deni Arif Fadhillah to get off a single punch. He rushed across the cage, nailed a takedown and secured an arm triangle from the side that got the tap. Maradi is now the One Pride Featherweight Champion.

Theodorus Ginting added his fourth finish to his record by getting the tap to strikes from Rysanda Julio Dirgantara. Ginting took Dirgantara down and beat on him mercilessly, looking for a choke from the back but not sparing him for one. Next, Ginting will likely face the welterweight champ, Rudy Gunawan, who was cageside for the match.

This week’s edition of the celebrity match between action actors Verdy Bhawanta and Panji Addiemas gave the real pros a run for their money and was surprisingly competitive and action-packed. After countless sweeps and reversals, loads of pounding from backmount, and choke attempts, Bhawanta was awarded the decision win.

The atomweight tournament started yielding stars to watch as Ade Permana and Anwar Hidayat launched into action from the opening bell. Permana went straight to clinch and endured some knees before getting the takedown. Once on the ground he wasted no time getting to the back and choking out Hidayat to advance in the brackets.

In the opening fight, Jeremia Siregar has a strong first round against Harinto Jaya, putting on the canvas and working him there. The second round changed, and it was Jaya with brutal knockdowns. Siregar was able to survive and get the takedown to recover, then dominate with punches until he was able to sink a choke and get the tap.

One Pride FN 22
8 September 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

Featherweight Championship
Hafid Nur Maradi def Deni Arif Fadhillah by submission, arm triangle, R1

Theodorus Ginting def Rysanda Julio Dirgantara by TKO, R1

63kg Catchweight Celebrity Charity Match
Verdy Bhawanta def Panji Addiemas by Unanimous Decision

Ade Permana def Anwar Hidayat by submission, rnc, R1

Jeremia Siregar def Harinto Jaya by submission, rnc, R2


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