Akira Maeda’s 45th Anniversary New Years Eve event to be discussion, RINGS screenings

Akira Maeda's 45th Anniversary
Akira Maeda’s 45th Anniversary

Akira Maeda, RINGS founder and current promoter of The Outsider, will be hosting a 45th anniversary event on December 31, 2014 at the Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.


From translation at RINGS website:

Akira Maeda’s 45th anniversary will celebrate RINGS, which in its heyday gave birth to such fighters as Fedor and Volk Han. Video footage from 1991 – 2001 has been selected by Maeda for screening.

Maeda, along with Tarzan Yamamoto will be personally speaking to the audience regarding all of the past promotions each have been involved with, mediated by Kaminoge Editor Inoue Takahiro. Satake Masaaki, Masakatsu Funaki , and a third mystery guest will also appear. Maeda expects to shake everyone’s hand at the conclusion.