Daichi Abe crowned welterweight King of Pancrase

Daichi Abe calls for a UFC contact. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Pancrase 288 took place on 2 July at the Differ Ariake. In the main event Daichi Abe was crowned welterweight champion after securing a second round TKO over Hiromitsu Miura.

Nine months ago, former WEC fighter and Pro-boxer Hiromitsu Miura from SAMURAI SWORD/RINGS got this belt from Akihiro Murayama.

On the other hand the challenger Daichi Abe has the “Elite” carrier.

He won “Inter-High” Japanese Judo competition in 2009, got J-NET Kick-boxing belt in 2014 and won JMMAF amateur MMA tournament in 2014. He is said the strongest challenger of welterweight.

Though Miura shot his strong punches Abe’s left high kicks and strong punches with his long reach crushed Miura early in the second round.

After the fight, Abe appealed said he had very little damage and was ready to make the jump into the UFC.

Former UFC fighter Kazuki Tokudome also wanted to go back to UFC so he wanted to show his strength with KO or submission on this fight. But the opponent Kieran Joblin who had 20-7 with 9 submission and 6 KO wins was a strong opponent to Tokudome.

Tokudome won and he could show his world class MMA skill but he couldn’t finish with KO or submission so he was not pleased with this result.

Yuki Kondo who fought at early-Pancrase, PRIDE, PRIDE Bushido, DREAM, Sengoku and UFC-Japan took Minowa-man who also fought at early-Pancrase, PRIDE, PRIDE Bushido, DREAM and ROAD FC.

They had a similar long MMA carrier and is it a destiny…?! They had a fight with 20 absence.

Murata showed her amateur-wrestling based strong tackles and take downs. But STILL she didn’t have a skill to FINISH the fight. She needs to master to finish the fight.

There is a rival relation between Pancrase and DEEP in Japanese MMA market and in the middle of the event Pancrase CEO Sakai-san disclosed the special fight cards for next Pancrase event.

The following five fights will be held as a Pancrase vs DEEP. Pancrase 289 will be held on 20 August.

Jyuri Ohara (DEEP) VS Kyosuke Yokoyama (Pancrase)
Tomohiro Adaniya (DEEP) VS Yusuke Ogikubo (Pancrase)
Ariya “Monkey” Shibata (DEEP) VS Yuki Yasunaga (Pancrase)
Toshiaki Kitada (DEEP) VS Kenta Takizawa (Pancrase)
Ryuta Sakurai(DEEP) VS TBA (Pancrase)

11th Fight (Welterweight King of Pancrase Title Match: 5min x 5R)

Hiromitsu Miura (SAMURAI SWORD/RINGS) VS Daichi Abe (HMC)
Abe won by TKO at 2R 0’26”.

10th Fight (Light Weight: 5min x 3R)
Kazuki Tokudome (PARAESTRA Hachioji) VS Kieran Joblin (STRIKE FORCE CANTABERY)
Tokudome won by 3-0/Decision.
*Tokudome got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

9th Fight (Middle Weight: 3min x 3R)
Yuki Kondo (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Minowa-man (Free)
Kondo won by 3-0/Decision.

PANCRASE CEO Sakai-san and RIZIN CEO Sakakibara-san in the cage.

8th Fight (Bantam Weight: 5min x 3R)
Masakatsu Ueda (PARAESTRA Tokyo) VS Toshinori Tsunemura (Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We)
Ueda won by 3-0/Decision.

7th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Kanako Murata (Free) VS Claire Fryer (GAMEBRED)
Murata won by 3-0/Decision.
*Murata got ¥100,000- as WIN-BONUS with International-Fight!

6th Fight (Middle Weight: 3min x 3R)
Yuki Niimura (TEAM CLIMB) VS Kazunori Osamura (Free)
Niimura won by KO at 2R 2’58”.

5th Fight (Feather Weight: 5min x 3R)
Takumi Suzuki (Bull-Terrier Bonsai) VS Katsushi Sugiyama (Turning Point MMA/HF)
Suzuki won by 3-0/Decision.

4th Fight (Welter Weight: 3min x 3R)
Takaaki Nara (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Kosei Kubota (Sakaguchi-Dojo Ichizoku)
Nara won by 3-0/Decision.

3rd Fight (Bantam Weight: 3min x 3R)
HULK Oshiro (VOS Gym) VS Yasuhiro Kawamura (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai AKZA)
Oshiro won by 3-0/Decision.

2nd Fight (Straw Weight: 3min x 3R)
Yuya Kodama (Wajyutsu Keishu-Kai Toikatu-Dojo) VS Takafumi Ato (GUTSMAN)
Ato won by Choke Sleeper at 3R 2’10”.

1st Fight (Feather Weight:3min x 3R)
Yojiro Uchimura (Ingram) VS Suguru Nii (MACH Dojo)
Uchimura won by TKO at 2R 2’57”.