DEEP 59th IMPACT – 8/18


DEEP 59th Impact
August 18, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

The DEEP pool of exciting match ups gets even deeper with the 59th Impact card coming up this weekend.  For the main event, DEEP Bantamweight champion Yoshiro Maeda will be scrambling hard as he defends his belt against Tatsumitsu Wada who is on a 5-win straight tear through the DEEP ranks to become the natural contender.

Former Shooto Champion, the 43-year old veteran ringster Masahiro Oishi will attempt to get back into the win column against Leglock kingpin Imanari.  As Oishi has proved to be a better counter puncher as his career has progressed, this battle could prove as short as a heel hook or as long and tedious as being forced to watch a HK TVB drama.

Also on the card, it will be interesting to watch what game plan DJ Taiki brings into the ring against a stellar “Sage” Akao, whose only recent loss was as “Iron” Nakamura’s stepping stone.

Korean prospect Doo Ho Choi gets his third chance to be a good boy, and show up, and make weight.  His opponent is Kosuke Umeda, who stuffed fellow Korean “Parky” WongSik Park’s much-anticipated return to the ring in June.


– – ◆DEEPバンタム級タイトルマッチ Bantamweight Title Match
前田吉朗(パンクラス稲垣組 ) Yoshiro Maeda versus Tatsumitsu Wada 和田竜光(吉田道場)

– – ◆本戦ワンマッチ
今成正和(Team-ROKEN) Masakazu Imanari versus Masahiro Oishi 大石真丈(木口道場MMA)

– – DJ.taiki(フリー) Daiki Hata versus Seiji Akao 赤尾セイジ(NEX)

– – チェ・ドゥホ(CMA KOREA) Doo Ho Choi versus Kosuke Umeda 梅田恒介(R-BLOOD)

– – 中村優作(総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE) Yusaku Nakamura versus Hirotaka Miyakawa 宮川博孝(ALLIANCE)

– – 鍵山雄介(総合格闘技道場コブラ会) Yusuke Kagiyama versus Masahito Hisataka 久高正仁(和術慧舟會東京道場)

– – 渡辺良知(AACC) Yoshitomo Watanabe versus Yuta Watanabe 悠太(ALLIANCE)

– – 九十九優作(和術慧舟會横浜道場) Yusaku Tsukumo versus Yuki Okano 岡野裕城(マッハ道場)

– – 福本よう一(和術慧舟會/頂柔術) Yoichi Fukumoto versus Luiz Andrade I LUIZ(禅道会)

– – 誠悟(TEAM東京CLUTCH) Seigo Mizuguchi versus Atsushi Yamada 篤志(BLUE DOG GYM)

長谷川賢(キングダム・エルガイツ) Ken Hasegawa versus Yamato 大和(SPIDER)

– – ◆フューチャーファイト
五月女健(R-BLOOD) Ken Saotome versus Joo Suk Kang カン・ジュソク(IMPACT GYM)


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