DEEP 66 Impact features 5 Title matches live streamed on an epic Showa Day card



A grand total of five titles are on the line at DEEP 66 Impact on April 29, 2014. Live streaming will bring the Japanese promotion into homes across the globe once again.

Bring in the security guards because Korakuen Hall is going to be crammed with big, shiny Championship belts on Tuesday, Showa Day. Three champions will be defending their titles while two vacant belts are to be claimed. If that weren’t enough, the star quality added to the non-title bouts could be headliners in any Japanese event.

Satoru Kitaoka’s wild roller coaster career sees him finally defend his coveted title against Naoto Miyazaki, the 2013 Lightweight GP winner. Kazunori Yokota makes his first defense in a year against Katsunori Tsuda, who earned the shot with three very impressive finishes in 2013. DEEP’s branded international journeyman Yoshiyuki Nakanishi puts his belt on the line against crazy puncher Shunsuke Inoue.

Takafumi Otsuka and Kenji Osawa, two massive fan favorites and successful rebounders, will battle for the Bantamweight strap that Daiki Hata handed back in while doing some personal soul-searching. For Ryo Chonan’s vacated position at Welterweight, Taisuke Okuno and Yuta Watanabe will duke it out.

Outside of the title fights, the hottest topic in yellow Masanori Kanehara will take on the tough battler in stripes, Toshiaki Kitada. Mizuto Hirota makes his first fight back on home turf after a year in the UFC against fellow high-profiler Daisuke Nakamura. Plus, two Japanese MMA staples with over 20 years of MMA between them, Hidetaka Monma and Ken Hamamura, will clash.

All of this will be streamed live at DEEP’s Ustream account here.

DEEP 66 Impact
April 29, 2014
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Lightweight Championship
Satoru Kitaoka (32-13-9) 北岡悟 (ロータス世田谷/IMPACT GYM/ DEEP第3代ライト級王者)
Naoto Miyazaki (10-2-3) 宮崎直人(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Featherweight Championship
Kazunori Yokota (19-5-3) 横田一則(フリー横田一則(フリー)
Katsunori Tsuda (8-2) 津田勝憲(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

Light Heavyweight Championship
Yoshiyuki Nakanishi (13-3-1) 中西良行(TRIBE TOKYO MMA/初代DEEPライトヘビー級王者)
Shunsuke Inoue (14-7-2) 井上俊介(シュクラン)

Bantamweight Championship
Takafumi Otsuka (16-12-1) 大塚隆史(AACC)
Kenji Osawa (20-10-2) 大沢ケンジ(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

Welterweight Championship
Taisuke Okuno (12-7-2) 奥野”轟天”泰舗(CAVE)
Yuta Watanabe (17-5-4) 悠太(ALLIANCE)

Masanori Kanehara (23-10-5) 金原正徳 (パラエストラ八王子/戦極初代フェザー級王者)
Toshiaki Kitada (15-7-4) 北田俊亮(パラエストラ千葉

Mizuto Hirota (14-7-1) 廣田 瑞人 (Gutsman Shooto Dojo)
Daisuke Nakamura (27-14) 中村大介(U-FILE CAMP)

Hidetaka Monma (18-10-4) 門馬 秀貴 (ブライトネス門馬道場)
Ken Hamamura (20-10-5)

■フライ級(56.7kg以下) 5分2R
Sota Kojima (13-4-4) 小島壮太(吉田道場)
Kota Ishibashi (4-7) 石橋幸太(総合格闘技DOBUITA)

■バンタム級(61.2kg以下) 5分2R
Hirotaka Miyakawa (6-11-2) 宮川博孝(ALLIANCE/TEAMゆでたまご)
Won-Il Kwon (0-0) グォン・ウォンイル(CMA KOREA/EXTREME COMBAT)

バンタム級(61.2kg以下) 5分2R
Ken Saotome (6-4-3) 五月女健(R-BLOOD)
Michito Abe (9-3) 阿部路人(漢塾)