Victor Henry KOs Otsuka Takafumi with a body kick at DEEP 85 Impact

DEEP 85 Victor Henry kicks Otsuka
Victor Henry kicks Otsuka at DEEP 85. Photo by Ryuto.

DEEP 85 Impact took place on 26 August at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Josh Barnett’s team was on fire, with Victor Henry and Alyssa Garcia taking out Otsuka and Sarami with devastating kicks, while Kamaya and Kaito delivered a three-rounder for the ages.

Takafumi Otsuka versus Victor Henry was an amazing battle that swung back and forth from takedown battles and grappling scrambles to dirty boxing and grinding clinch work. They worked for finishes in every exchange. Otsuka delivered his wrestling and really turned up the heat in his striking. Henry hammered the body and eventually delivered a front kick there, and Otsuka dropped like a sack of potatoes. Henry’s hand was raised after the third round finish, and he stated he had the glory and now wants to “go for the gold” – a title shot.

Makoto Kamaya and Kaito Sakamaki delivered a high level game in all areas. From crisp striking exchanges to nail biting leg submission attempts, the veterans brought their aggression and A games. Kamaya was able to take control when it was about to hit the floor, and he came out on top, literally, through most of the horizontal exchanges, earning the nod from all three judges.

Alyssa Garcia ended Sarami’s attempt to showcase her new striking with a head kick KO in the second round. Sarami looked very strong and had improved her combinations, but Garcia really warmed up in the second and brought in her clinch, knees, elbows and punches. After rocking Sarami, she smelled blood and the kick landed flush on Sarami’s face.

In the first round, Park Si-Woo was able to put together a lot of combinations against Emi Tomimatsu, until she was taken down mid round. Tomimatsu kept her there while trying to advance position, and tried the same tactic in the second, but Park grew wise to her shoots and owned the round with a back take and some pounding. The final round showed that Park has developed so much as an MMA fighter and she took the UD, her first win in the cage.

DEEP 85 Kamaya chokes Kaito
Makoto Kamaya locks a guillotine on Kaito at DEEP 85. Photo by Ryuto.

Kana Watanabe ate several very hard punches from Asami Nakai at the opening bell, so she immediately went for the trip down into her own area of specialty. Once Watanabe got the mount position, she pounded away and looked for a chance to get an armlock. Finally she was able to switch to an armbar, and Watanabe got the tap from Nakai in the first round.

DJ.taiki Hatta was finally able to break a five-fight losing streak with a unanimous decision over Yokoyama Kyosuke. Yokoyama did extremely well in the standup with good kicks, and defense, not letting DJ get off any damaging combos. However, DJ was able use the shoots and control everything that happened after it, and his strength on the canvas scored a lot.

Juri Ohara was forced to give a very rare display of his grappling skills against the Greco Roman wrestling of Koji Takeda. Takeda went for the clinch, took the back and held on with arm and head drag downs, but wasn’t able to come close to finishing. Ohara tried to use his knees and elbows against the clinch, but Takeda kept him from doing anything in the stand up department, and thus won the UD.

Kawahara Namiki showed off his creative and damaging kicks, while tagging Muramoto Yutaro with jabs. Muramoto put his punches in bunches together several times and found success. But on the scorecards, only one judge gave it to Kawahara so the bout as a draw.

Terashima Kosuke “Coro” versus Shirakawa “Dark” Rikuto was boxing on display in the cage. Dark Rikuto came alive in the second and was able to punish during shoots, but it wasn’t enough to pull him ahead of the good defense and counter striking of Coro and the bout was a draw.

Takashio Ryuji came out in Thai shorts but ragdolled Yusuke Matsubayashi with wrestling throughtout round one. Takashio dominated with clinches and throws in round two to get the decision.

Taichi Isogai and Sugiura Hiroyuki traded targeted punches in the opening round. The moment Sugiura shot, Isogai was right there to meet his head with a knee. Sugiura went down and Isogai finished him off with a fast back choke.

DEEP 85 Alyssa Garcia scores on Sarami
Alyssa Garcia scores on Sarami at DEEP 85. Photo by Ryuto.

DEEP 85 Impact
26 August 2018
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#11 Bantamweight Match
大塚隆史(T GRIP TOKYO)VS ビクター・ヘンリー(UWF USA/HF)
Victor Henry def Takafumi Otsuka by KO, body kick, R3

#10 Bantamweight Match
釜谷真(Honey Trap) VS 坂巻魁斗(BRAVE)
Makoto Kamaya def Kaito Sakamaki by Unanimous Decision

#9 Women’s Atomweight Match
SARAMI(パンクラスイズム横浜) VS アリーシャ・ガルシア(UWF USA)
Alyssa Garcia def Satomi Takano by KO, head kick, R2

#8 Women’s Atomweight Match
富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸) VS パク・シウ(TEAM MAD)
Park Si-Woo def Emi Tomimatsu by Unanimous Decision

#7 Women’s Flyweight Match
渡辺華奈(FIGHTER’S FLOW) VS 赤林檎(フリー)
Kana Watanabe def Asami Nakai by Submission, armbar, R1

#6 Featherweight Match
DJ.taiki(パンクラスイズム横浜) VS 横山恭典 (KRAZY BEE)
Daiki Hatta def Yokoyama Kyosuke by UD

#5 Lightweight Match
3.大原樹里(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ) VS 武田光司(BRAVE)
Koji Takeda def Juri Ohara by UD

#4 Strawweight Match
川原波輝 (総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE) VS 村元友太郎(ALIVE)
Kawahara Namiki vs Muramoto Yutaro Draw 1:0:2

#3 Bantamweight Match
CORO(K-Clann)VS 白川”Dark”陸斗(志道場)
Terashima Kosuke vs Shirakawa Rikuto Majority Draw 1:0:2

#2 Featherweight Match
高塩竜司(KIBAマーシャルアーツクラブ) VS 松林佑介(INFIGHT JAPAN)
Takashio Ryuji def Yusuke Matsubayashi by Unanimous Decision

#1 Strawweight Match Match
杉浦弘幸 (NEVER QUIT) vs 磯貝太一 (空手道白心会)
Taichi Isogai def Sugiura Hiroyuki by Submission, RNC, R1


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