DEEP Dream Impact NYE 2014 update: Champ Kitaoka takes on Yoshida, cage to be used for the event

DEEP Lightweight title Satoru Kitaoka vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida
DEEP Lightweight title Satoru Kitaoka vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida


DEEP has announced that Lightweight Champion Satoru Kitaoka will face Yoshiyuki Yoshida in defense of his title at DEEP Dream Impact on New Years Eve. The promotion has also announced that the cage will be used.


Yoshida was scheduled for his Titan FC 31 debut as a contestant for the Lightweight title against Mike Ricci. However, Ricci failed to make weight and the promotion demoted the bout to a non-title fight. Yoshida refused the fight, and the promotion quickly and controversially cut him from the roster. Now Yoshida gets his title fight at home, lining up against the current defending Champ, Kitaoka.

Other DEEP Champions Yuki Motoya and Kazunori Yokota will also participate.

The event will see twenty fights in all, starting at 3pm on December 31st, 2014. Along with the aforementioned DEEP champs, Yoshida Dojo’s Tatsunao Nagakura is also scheduled to compete.

There will also be a DEEP Jewels bout between yet to be announced female fighters, with Satoko Shinashi asking for a shot by calling out ROAD FC’s Song Ga-Yeon after her return to MMA, as did Shizuka Sugiyama after her win at DEEP Jewels 6.

Foreign fighters will be invited to compete, as well as representatives from Shooto and Pancrase. The event will use the cage.


December 31, 2014
Saitama Super Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Lightweight Championship
Satoru Kitaoka 北岡 悟(LOTUS/DEEPライト級王者)
Yoshiyuki Yoshida 吉田善行(Team Curran)

Yuki Motoya 元谷友貴(CB IMPACT/DEEPフライ級王者)

Kazunori Yokota 横田一則(フリー/DEEPフェザー級王者)

Kazuhiro Nakamura

Tatsunao Nagakura 長倉立尚(吉田道場)