DEEP JEWELS 2 features Ham’s FW title defense, LW GP opening round



DEEP JEWELS 2 takes place this November 4, 2013.  Headlining the event is Featherweight Champion Ham SeoHee taking on Sadae Numata, and the opening round of the Lightweight Grand Prix.

Earlier this year, Jewels Lightweight Champion Ayaka Hamasaki returned her belt to the promotion because of injuries that were keeping her from defending it. In the first major decision during DEEP’s takeover of Jewels, a Lightweight Grand Prix was established to set up a run for the new champion of the division. In the next event, Round 1 of the Grand Prix takes place. Mika Nagano will face Emi Tomimatsu in the first of two bouts on the card. Nagano has fought many of the best in the division and 2013 proved to be her year. She rides a 4-fight win streak which already includes a decision win over her opponent, Tomimatsu. Tomimatsu is on the unfortunate other end of that equation, having most recently taken on and lost to three tough opponents: Mei Yamaguchi, Nagano herself, and Kailin Curran in there first overseas bout.

In the second of the two Grand Prix matches, Mizuki Inoue will face Emi ‘The Kamikaze Angel’ Fujino. Inoue is a massively successful kick boxing and MMA prodigy, having started her career at just 16-years old. She achieved the 2010 Rough Stone rookie tournament championship in her first year, and catapulted into Invicta in her last outing. Fujino comes into the fight as one of the most well-known female MMA fighters after a decade spent in the sport. She has already met Inoue in the ring before, a kick boxing match in which she lost by decision.

The Featherweight Champion Ham SeoHee of Team MAD in Busan, South Korea, will make her first defense of the title against top prospect Sadae “Manhoef” Numata. Ham trains alongside UFC fighters Kim DongHyun and Kang KyungHo, and is widely regarded as the top female MMA fighter to come out of Korea. Numata got her shot at the title by defeating the comeback kid Celine Haga, even thought she entered the contest with yellow cards for missing weight.

Former Jewels Featherweight Champion Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama will look to make a return to top form after the once-dominant fighter suffered three losses to top talent, Jessica Penne, Haga and Ham – to whom she relinquished the belt. She will face fan favorite and highly experienced Masako Yoshida who is so far beginning a successful comeback after a layoff.

Mega Megu‘s prodigy Megumi Sugimoto takes on fellow rookie Sachiko Fujimori. Both made their debuts in DEEP JEWELS 1, Fujimori with a 49-second finish by RNC. Kodera Asami won the rookies’ Rough Stone Grand Prix in 2009 then exclusively grappled. She’s back in the ring after four years to take on Miura Ayaka, a Ryo Chonan product with a base in judo.

November 4, 2013
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

▼メインイベント 第2代DEEP JEWELSライト級王座決定GP1回戦 5分2R Lightweight Championship GP round 1
Mika Nagano (14-8) 長野美香(CORE)
Emi Tomimatsu (5-7) 富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸)

▼セミファイナル 第2代DEEP JEWELSライト級王座決定GP1回戦 5分2R Lightweight Championship GP round 1
Mizuki Inoue (6-1) 魅津希(空手道白心会)
Emi ‘The Kamikaze Angel’ Fujino (13-6) 藤野恵実(和術慧舟會GODS)

▼第6試合 DEEP JEWELSフェザー級タイトルマッチ 5分2R Featherweight Title Match
Ham SeoHee (11-5) ハム・ソヒ(韓国/CMA KOREA/王者)
Sadae “Manhoef” Numata (5-1-1) サダエ・マヌーフ(総合格闘技道場コブラ会/挑戦者)

▼第5 試合 フェザー級 5分2R
Naho Sugiyama (8-3) スギロック(和術慧舟會AKZA/初代JEWELSフェザー級女王)
Masako Yoshida (17-18-5) 吉田正子(FIGHT CHIX)

▼第4 試合 53.5kg以下契約 5分2R ※パウンドなし
Megumi Sugimoto (1-0) 杉本 恵(AACC)
Sachiko Fujimori (1-0) 藤森祥子(Brightness門馬道場)

▼第3 試合 フェザー級 5分2R
Yukiko Seki (11-23) 関友紀子(FIGHT CHIX)
Madoka Ebihara (4-3) ♂ha@THE♀(アゲハアットティーエイチイー/パラエストラ柏)

▼第2 試合 ライト級 4分2R グラップリングルール
Kodera Asami (5-3) 小寺麻美(リバーサルジム川口リディプス)
Miura Ayaka (0-0) 三浦彩佳(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

▼第1試合 フェザー級 5分2R ※パウンドなし
Naomi Taniyama (0-1) 谷山尚未(和術慧舟會HEARTS)
Tamaki Usui (0-0) 臼井 環(リバーサルジム川口リディプス)