DEEP JEWELS 3: Emi Tomimatsu Interim Lightweight Champion after weigh in fault



DEEP JEWELS 3 takes place on February 16, 2014 with a GP final between Emi Tomimatsu and Mizuki Inoue to determine the first Lightweight Champion.

At today’s weigh ins, Inoue came in at 800 grams over the allowance but was given a second period to cut the weight. The bout was expected to proceed, and if there are changes, we will be updating the news.

*UPDATE: Mizuki Inoue’s second weigh in brought her closer to weight but still over by 550 grams. By DEEP rules, this makes her opponent the winner, and thereby Tomimatsu becomes the DEEP JEWELS (interim) Lightweight Champion. The match between the two fighters will still take place, but it will be a non-title affair. Additionally, there will be no way that Inoue can walk away from the bout with anything but a DQ loss on her record.

Tomimatsu revenged herself on Mika Nagano and Tomimatsu finished Emi Fujino to both earn their spot in tomorrow’s Grand Prix final. Tomimatsu has been a staple on the female MMA scene in Japan for seven years. The grappler’s recent improvements catapulted her through the tournament to earn a shot at the inaugural belt.

Inoue is a teen sensation, having won the JEWELS Rough Stone title and become the Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup 53.5kg Champion twice. She was signed to Invicta at the ripe age of 18 and defeated Bec Hyatt with a brilliant display of boxing.

Also on the card, standout Sugirock will face Mizuho Sato at open weight. Sugiyama and Sato are both coming of Draws, with Sigiyama’s being quite recently at the last DEEP Cage Impact, while Sato’s is from two years ago.

Mika Nagano ‘s final fight exhibition match was due to take place at the event, but Nagano learned she was pregnant and this the bout was cancelled. However, a ceremony will be given to her in lieu of a match.

February 16, 2014
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

#6 – DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship
Emi Tomimatsu (6-7) 富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸)
Mizuki Inoue (7-1) 魅津希(空手道白心会)

#5 – 無差別 5分2R
Shizuka Sugiyama (10-3-1) 杉山しずか(禅道会)
Mizuho Sato (6-5-1) 佐藤瑞穂(頂柔術)

#4 – Featherweight
Naho Sugiyama (9-3) スギロック(和術慧舟會AKZA)
Satomi Takano (3-2) SARAMI(クラブバーバリアン)

#3 – Featherweight
Masako Yoshida (17-19-5) 吉田正子(FIGHT CHIX)
Miyoko Kusaka (4-7-1) (GRABAKA)

#2 – Under 50kg
Yuko “Amiba” Oya (6-3) アミバ(IMPACT GYM)
Mamiko Mizoguchi (2-5-2) 溝口麻美子(GRABAKA)

#1 – Under 53kg
Sachiko Fujimori (2-0) 藤森祥子 (Brightness門馬道場)
Shiori Hori (0-0) 堀詩織 (デビュー戦/K-style)

Opening Fight Under 51kg Grappling rules
Brittany Decker ブリタニー・デッカー(リバーサルジム横浜グランドスラム)
Kojima Haruka 小島春歌 (和術彗舟會HEARTS)