DEEP Jewels 7 Featherweight Grand Prix fighters announced for February opening round

DEEP Jewels 7 Featherweight Grand Prix
DEEP Jewels 7 Featherweight Grand Prix

DEEP Jewels 7 takes place on February 21, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan with the opening round of the women’s Featherweight Grand Prix.


The featherweight division rests at 45 kgs and under, also known as atom weight internationally.

Out of the eight contestants and two reservists announced, the tournament front runners are V.V Mei and Emi Tomimatsu. Huge Fight Chix veterans Yukiko Seki and Masako Yoshida are also in the mix. Sarami and surprisingly Mina Kurobe add the up-and-comer status to the card, which rounds out with Tomo Maesawa and Ayaka Miura.


V.V Mei was the Valkyrie 52 kg Champion, and she reigned in that division before beginning the drop to 48 at PXC in 2013. While her recent years as a journeywoman have seen seen her record average 50/50, she is one of the most aggressive and threatening female mixed martial artists today.

Tomimatsu, in her own right, is a formidable striker with a ground game who never backs off from a match or an opponent in the ring. She is perfectly fine with standing and banging which makes her matches fierce, fun, and sometimes downright painful to watch. Tomimatsu has already fought Yoshida and V.V Mei at 52 kgs. This will be her 48 kg debut.

“Sarami” has to be looked at as the possible up and comer of the tournament. Although she is actually fighting at a near walk around weight for the tournament, she has already experienced fighting three of the other contestants in her very young career, and is now looking forward to what a successful GP showing will add to her potential international career.

Kurobe is 37, but she’s 4-0 having already defeated Sarami, Yoshida, and Maesawa. Seki is also ripe at 44, but the long time veteran rides win into the tournament.


DEEP Jewels 7
February 21, 2015
Shinjuku Face
Tokyo, Japan

V.V Mei Yamaguchi (12-8)(Riki Gym/武徳会)

Emi Tomimatsu (8-9) 富松恵美(パラエストラ松戸)

Tomo Maesawa (4-4) 前澤智(パラエストラ八戸)

Ayaka Miura (1-1) 三浦彩佳(TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A)

Satomi Takano (4-5) SARAMI(クラブバーバリアン)

Mina Kurobe (4-0) 黒部三奈(マスタージャパン)

Yukiko Seki (13-24) 関友紀子(FIGHT CHIX)

Masako Yoshida (18-20) 吉田正子(FIGHT CHIX)

Reserve match:

Miyoko Kusaka (5-8) (GRABAKA)
Pan Hui (1-0) 荒木未来(リバーサルジム 立川ALPHA)


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