DEEP Nagoya Impact update: Chase Beebe backs out of this weekend’s fight with Seiji Akao

Chase Beebe backs out of fight against Seiji Akao at DEEP Nagoya Impact
Chase Beebe backs out of fight against Seiji Akao at DEEP Nagoya Impact

DEEP Nagoya Impact takes place on July 27, 2014 and a main event set between Chase Beebe and Seiji Akao was set – only Beebe decided to skip the plane ride to Japan at the final hour.

DEEP boss Shigeru Saeki on social media announced his displeasure at the fighter’s disappointing no-show, after a plane tight was purchased and Beebe neglected to honor his commitment to the promotion by not boarding. Beebe also had previous plans to fight in Pancrase last year, but didn’t make that fight either.

The former Bellator Champion is on a 4-fight skid and was facing another tough opponent in “Sage” who has been at the top of the DEEP heap for a while. He hasn’t seen a win in his last two fights either, but that’s because of a contentious split decision loss to Kenji Osawa, and a draw his last time out against surging Koichi Ishizuka. DEEP is looking for a late replacement.


DEEP Nagoya Impact 2014: Kubodo Fight
July 27, 2014
Nagoya, Japan

Harushige ‘Cabbage’ Shinokawa (10-5-2)
Yudai Ishida (6-1-1)

Katsuya ‘Garitto’ Ishida (8-5-2)
Ryuji Akijima (1-2)

Shin ‘Sin / Lip K’ Kitagawa (6-5)
Daisuke Tatsumi (7-5)

Fuhito ‘Hashan’ Hasegawa (6-5-2)
Kenya Yamanaka (4-5-1)

Shinji ‘Ryuiso’ Maeguchi (1-5-1)
Yoshinobu Kawamura (6-9-2)

Shunichi Koga (1-2)
Yuta Nakane (2-1)

Kenichi Kinoshita (6-6-1)
Kazuya ‘One-Punch Man’ Nomura (0-0)

Naoki Kawai (5-5)
Shuma Nakayama (0-0)

Shogo Okada (0-1-1)
Kazutaka Sakai (0-0)

Satoshi Yamasu (2-1-1)
Shin Sugihara (0-0)


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