Keisuke Okuda tops Wicky in Ganryujima’s single night 16-man tournament

Ganryujima 10
Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan

Mixed Martial Arts hybrid Ganryujima held its tenth event in the historic Maihama Ampitheatre with a single night 16-man All Martial Arts Tournament. Karate, judo, Muay Thai, MMA, and even Systema was on display on 17 September.


In the opening round of the tournament, Shota Hara used Tatsuya Nakazawa’s kimono to help him deliver knees, and eventually the referee waived off the match when Hara had done significant damage with punches and knees.

Yusuke DATE threw his fancy kicks at his opponent’s face, but Ryuta Hasumi responded by catching them, tackles, and throws to earn the split decision and advance.

Shuichi Watanabe overwhelmed judoka Kei Suzuki at every turn, from throws to physical strength, and won with punches on the ground.

Yusuke Date kicks Ryuta Hasumi
Yusuke Date kicks Ryuta Hasumi at Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan

Pro wrestler Keisuke Okuda took on kempo practitioner Zenmaru Hirai. Okuda overwhelmed Hirai with tackles and rushes, and got the win by pushing him into the mote three times.

Krazy Bee’s “Wicky” Akiyo Nishiura faced 90kg sambo fighter Takatoshi Minagawa. They threw hands and each other – into the mote – and it was Wicky who earned the unanimous decision.

Norimasa Iwasaki could not karate chop his way through Taishi Nakajima’s sumo tackles, and Nakajima won the decision.

“KusaMAX” Shigeaki Kusayanagi faced a very tough challenge in amateur karate fighter KENGO. Instead of engaging with the experienced MMA fighter, Kengo neutralized his attacks and landed three throws in the mote to get the surprise upset victory.

A very interesting match up was Muay Thai versus Systema, Kuntap Charoenchai versus Akira Sit Lek. Charoenchai did his damage the traditional way, with kicks and knees in the clinch. Sit Lek surprised everyone with a display of dirty boxing, low kicks and trips. Charoenchai walked away with the decision win.

Shota Hara knees Ryuta Hasumi
Shota Hara knees Ryuta Hasumi at Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan


Shota Hara negated most of Ryuta Hasumi’s tackles, finally catching the timing perfect to deliver an amazing KO with his knee.

Keisuke Okuda totally shocked tournament favorite Shuichi Watanabe with crazy tackles and rushes, including a suplex that contributed to his win by falls.

Wicky versus Taishi Nakajima was very competitive. Wicky executed his excellent striking but Nakajima’s defense was on point. Wicky resorted to a throw in which Nakajima injured his leg and the corner threw in the towel.

Kuntap Charoenchai turned on the heat against Kengo and got a TKO in 48 seconds.

Okuda punches Hara
Okuda punches Shota Hara at Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan


With a Mongolian chop and three falls to his credit, pro wrestler Keisuke Okuda beat karateka Shota Hara and advanced to the finals.

Wicky threw some punches at Kuntap Charoenchai, but he was smart not to engage the Thai in a stand up battle. Wicky advanced to the finals on three throws.


Keisuke Okuda and Wicky displayed beautiful performances to the Ganryujima ruleset, each utilizing their strengths while aiming to get the other into the mote. Okada’s secret was out, so when he rushed, Wicky was ready with counter punches and foot work. Okada was persistent, and they each scored two falls on each other, making it a very exciting finals. Okuda was able to get the last throw, and won the tournament.

Wicky punches Okuda
Wicky punches Okuda in the Tournament Finals at Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan


Baki the Grappler come to life Naoyuki Taira climbed back onto the canvas at 54 years old to face karate MMA legend Katsunori Kikuno. Taira came out with a high kick and spinning back fist to the delight of the crowd. Kikuno returned with a relentless attack and a front kick took the fight out of the legend.

Plain and simple, Shoma Shibisai took his revenge on a Mongolian – Ganryujima stalwart Amaramend Boldo. Shibisai beat him up, took him down, and pounded him out.

Shinichi Suzukawa and “Shrek” Hideki Sekine put on a sumo versus jiujitsu match, each scoring on one another. Suzukawa kept up his MMA striking and throws even in his sumo fundoshi, and Shrek went for shoots and submissions. Suzukawa won the decision.

Naoyuki Taira Kikuno Katsunori
Naoyuki Taira kicks Kikuno Katsunori at Ganryujima 10, full album at Maza Fight Japan

17 September 2018
Maihama Ampitheatre
Chiba, Japan


#18 Shinichi Suzukawa def Hideki Sekine by Unanimous Decision
#17 Shoma Shibisai def Amaramend Boldo by TKO, 1:55
#16 Katsunori Kikuno def Naoyuki Taira by TKO


#15 Keisuke Okuda def Wicky by Falls (3x into the mote)


#14 Wicky def Kuntap Charoenchai by Falls (3x into the mote)
#13 Keisuke Okuda def Shota Hara by Falls (3x into the mote)


#12 Kuntap Charoenchai def Kengo by KO, knee
#11 Wicky def Taishi Nakajima by TKO, injury
#10 Keisuke Okuda def Shuichi Watanabe by Falls (3x into the mote)
#9 Shota Hara def Ryuta Hasumi by KO, knee


#8 Kuntap Charoenchai def Akira Sit Lek by TKO
#7 KENGO def Shigeaki Kusayanagi by Falls (3x into the mote)
#6 Taishi Nakajima def Norimasa Iwasaki by Unanimous Decision
#5 Akiyo Nishiura def Takatoshi Minagawa by Unanimous Decision
#4 Keisuke Okuda def Zenmaru Hirai by Falls (3x into the mote)
#3 Shuichi Watanabe def Kei Suzuki by TKO
#2 Ryuta Hasumi def Yusuke Date by Split Decision, 2-1
#1 Shota Hara def Tatsuya Nakazawa by TKO


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