Ganryujima announces the first participants in the 8-man Openweight Tournament

Ganryujima Openweight Tournament
Ganryujima Openweight Tournament

Ganryujima will be held on February 28, 2015 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan. The new concept MMA event combines an unusual ruleset and format for an 8-man tournament.


Four tournament participants have been decided and 4 more are in negotiations, as well as a possible 1 to 3 alternates. The new format is being decided with open discussions still underway.  Currently submission wins are being discounted in order to favor the application of all martial arts and what they perceive as what the viewing community in Japan wants.  It is expected to be broadcast on Fuji TV.


#1 – Kamen Georgiev of Bulgaria is multiple world champion in both sanshou and sambo with an MMA record of 30-9-1.

#2 – Han Wula of China is a 2-meter tall shuai jiao and sanda champion with a 4-3 MMA record, last winning the division in CKF.

#3 – Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio of Brazil is a capoeira kick boxer with an MMA record of 6-2 who last fought in Bellator 79 in 2012.

#4 – Minowaman. He needs no introduction, but for stat’s sake, his MMA record now stands at 60-37-8. Super Hulk Giant Killer is back.

Final negotiations are underway with other sports figures.

#5 – Shawne Merriman is a former American football linebacker who was lined up for a pro wrestling career start in 2014.

#6 – Brian “Bad Ass” Douwes of the Netherlands was the WFCA European K-1 Super-Heavyweight Champion, and as a kick boxer has a record of 33-22-2.

Spots 7 and 8 are currently being negotiated with a sumo wrestler and a Senegalese wrestler.

The reservists being considered come from martial arts background of karate, judo, and tai chi.

A superfight will be held outside the tournament in which Japanese Featherweight Champion boxer Kazuhisa Watanabe will participate in a match under the Garyujima ruleset.


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