Ganryujima gives a look at the new fighting surface for inaugural February 28th event

Ganryujima Tournament
Ganryujima Tournament

Ganryujima will be held on February 28, 2015 at Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Japan and live broadcast on Fuji 1 Sports.


Today the promotion gave a first look at the canvas that will be adorning the stage. It includes a brace-like structure at the outer edge which can give foot purchase to prevent back falls off the stage.


Ganryujima stage canvas
Ganryujima stage canvas
Ganryujima stage canvas



Here are the open weight tournament contestants.  For a full description of the contestants, please read our previous article here.

#1 – Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio (Capoeira, Brazil) vs Abdoulaye Niang (Senegalese wrestling, Senegal)

#2 – Amaramend Boldo (MMA/Sumo, Mongolia) vs Kazuhisa (American football, Japan)

#3 – Minowaman (MMA/wrestling, Japan) vs Han Wula (MMA/Shuai Jiao, China)

#4 – Brian Douwes (kickboxing, Netherlands) vs Kamen Georgiev (combat Sambo, Bulgaria)

Reserve – Morikawa Osamu (judo, Japan) vs Miura Akira (karate,Japan)

Super Fight
Kazuhisa Watanabe (boxing, Japan) vs Guo Cheng (Shaolin kung fu, China)

Super Fight
Yamagishi Masashi (Tai Chi, Japan) vs Abiko Yutaro (karate, Japan)

Women’s Super Fight
Kisami Rika karate, Japan) vs Chihiro Yamamoto (wushu, Japan)



The new and unusual promotion has announced the brackets for the 8-man tournament under somewhat grappling-unfriendly rules.


The competition area will be 8-meter diameter and 60 cm high circle stage with no ropes or cage, with a possible moat of water surrounding it. There will be 3 rounds of 3 minutes each, with 1 round extension, 1 minute between each round. However, the time and number of rounds may be changed if both sides agree.

Competition clothing will be provided as a sleeveless top and two trousers to choose from. Supporting gear will be determined or approved by officials. MMA gloves will be used.

A fighter can win by KO, TKO, opponent’s submission, or three judge decision. Additionally, a win can come by TKO fall, if one opponent falls off the stage 3 times in one round. In scoring, a fighter loses points for receiving damage or falling/being thrown and subsequently off the stage.

Techniques not allowed include the usual, plus no head kicks or stomps to a grounded opponent, and no chokes to a grounded opponent. Allowed strikes include the usual, plus elbows and head butts. Standing grappling is allowed but will be a break when it takes place on the ground.


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