Genki Sudo to produce “IKKIUCHI”, a 1-to-1 amateur jiujitsu tournament to honor culture


Genki Sudo may not have stepped foot in a ring since 2006, but he is still a mixed martial arts icon respected the world over. He is using this platform to become involved in renewing Japan’s fight scene.

Sudo became a polarizing figure with his flashy entrances and spectacular ring antics in RINGS and K-1. Even while taunting opponents during a fight as if in disregard, he showed humility and integrity in victory and defeat, proclaiming his motto loudly “We are all one”. The Neo-Samurai was one of the first Japanese stars of the UFC pre-PRIDE, and finished his career at 16-4-2.

Sudo then began an interesting and lucrative dance and music project “New World Order” that poked at the modern day culture of Japan.

When Vale Tudo Japan re-launched as a cage event under the Shooto Commission, Sudo was one of the commentators of the first event. Recently, Real Fight from China announced that Sudo would be producing their new series of MMA events in Japan in which Kron Gracie would make his MMA debut (read the report from the presser here). However, nothing has since been announced on the project, and Real Fight’s website has expired.

Now comes news of Sudo’s new personally conceived and produced project called IKKIUCHI, or 1-to-1 combat. It is a jiujitsu competition that will welcome all martial arts practitioners to compete one on one in front of the public, a harkening back to the traditional systems passed down in Japan that have always celebrated such romantic contests as a way to prove oneself.

Rules will be “Ikkiuchi” jiujitsu rules of a five minute round and a 3 minute extension if no finish.

The event will be held in the Zenryuji Temple in Adachi on the evening of August 24, 2014. It is a beautiful setting and an interesting choice. Athletes both pro and amateur are being considered, but no prize money will be paid.